Monday, December 3, 2012

14 day Hobbit Adventure - New Zealand

Oh, if only I could give this awesome trip to the hubs for Christmas this year!
I married a nerd that has always been into sci-fi/fantasy novels and he read most of Tolkien's work - English grads, pfft (I could not get through the first three chapters of the Lord of the Rings, lol).

Hopefully he doesn't read my blog this week because he is going to want this trip (Shoot I want THIS trip!)
I have been to Australia via Air New Zealand and it is AMAZING and beautiful!  I would love to head back across the globe for a 14 day trip to New Zealand.
This is an incredible price too considering they are including all airfare (travel between 4 different cities in New Zealand) and boarding. 

Who else would love this trip?  Wonder if I can convince Groupon to offer one of my readers a giveaway for one, lol.
Or perhaps I can convince my company this is a trip we need to do for team building :D

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go wipe out the Groupon gift cards at HEB while the yellow Q is still good. You could save about $400 off this not counting credit card cash back.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, that is not a bad idea, unfortunately my HEB got burned by stolen credit cards so you can't buy gift cards at my location with a credit card, so cash back is out :(

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