Saturday, December 29, 2012

HEB 101

Heb coupon policy can be found here.

Heb accepts manufacturer coupons with the following exceptions:
Invalid Start Date (coupon offer has not started- this happens sometimes when you get early edition papers)
Expired coupons
Competitor coupons without "manufacturer coupon" printed on the coupon
Coupons without a barcode
Coupons listed as counterfeit on the CIC website.

Heb does not double or triple coupons so all coupons are redeemed at face value

Heb offers a variety of coupons in store - referred here as YQ (yellow coupon due to their color)
You will need multiple YQs if you are purchasing multiple products.
EX: If you want two of something, just like paper coupons, you need a yellow coupon for each.

There is no stated limit of how many like coupons you can use in HEB policy so you just need to follow the terms written on the coupon

There is no stated rule against using coupons on clearance items at HEB

*Manager does have the right to refuse any coupon for any reason

Heb has no scan right guarantee offering a free product so if something rings up incorrectly, tell your cashier and they will adjust the price down to the displayed price.

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