Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Great App I love - WRAPP

I love FREE stuff and I will try out most apps that offer freebies.  If you have not heard of WRAPP yet, you might want to consider getting on board.
Wrapp is a free app on your phone and you can also link it to your facebook page.  When you link it, it will pull up a list of your friends that you can gift FREE gift cards too, or paid gift cards if you choose.  Some of the free ones that seem to pop up regularly that I am excited about are the
$5 Office Depot and
$5 Sephora
You cannot gift to yourself, so you need friends to gift these to and in so doing, ask them to gift back to you.

Just today my husband and I met up at Office Depot after work and found this optical mouse for $9.99.  Combining our $5 egift cards, we paid just tax!  We were needing another mouse for the girls' online lessons and it was certainly nice to get it for pennies!

With my Sephora $5 gift card (and borrowing my hubby's phone) I was able to find these cute Hello Kitty Compact mirrors on clearance for just $5, so again, just cost me tax
The girls are going to love getting these under the tree :D
Check out and sign up for the app here.  If you are already signed up, I would love to hear the goodies you have gotten with the free gift cards offered.

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