Saturday, January 7, 2012

Zaycon Foods - Chicken Breast for $1.69/lb when you buy in bulk

I have to admit when I first heard of Zaycon foods I was skeptical.  They don't tell you where the meat comes from and could it really be that great?  I mean, it is a great price BUT you have to buy so much at once and pick up time is only a 2 hour window on 1 particular day.  Hmmm.  Well, the last time the chicken came around I didn't order because I just couldn't convince myself to take the plung.  I had several friends purchase and upon speaking with them I found that their chicken came from Sanderson Farms.  I was bummed then that I had not ordered because Sanderson Farms is one of the few chicken producers that do not plump their chickens (basically making you pay extra for water and broth injected in the breast as well as increasing the salt content of your meat).
So the event is coming back to the Houston area and thus I am taking the plunge.  I have ordered a box of chicken and a box of the bacon just to see for myself if it really is as good as friends are reporting.  BUT I have to admit 40 lbs of chicken and 30 lbs of bacon is a LOT of meat at one time, even for me.  For this reason, I have a friend splitting the order with me.
The chicken is $67.60 for 40 lbs or $1.69/lb for boneless skinless chicken breast
The bacon is $89.10 for 30 lbs or $2.97/lb
Event dates vary by region and you have to be available to pick up on the date and time listed(good thing my dh is now homeschooling :D )

Have any of my readers ordered from Zaycon before?  What were your thoughts?  Would you do it again?

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Margaret said...

I ordered the 90/10 beef..40 pounds and I love it. wish I would have split with a friend because its a lot of beef and now I have no room for the chicken. lol. I will be ordering from them cannot beat the price for quality meat.

Anonymous said...

When and where is it coming to town. I would love to get some chicken.

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, it depends on what side of town you order from. The one for Katy, orders have to be in by Wed Jan 11th for pick up Thurs Jan 19th.
The Woodlands though is Jan 20th. There are various locations around town so you have to check the events list for one near you

Deb said...

We ordered last time they brought chicken. We've been very happy with it, and we'll definitely order again, but since there are only two of us eating it, that will be awhile. :-) We just bought a stand up freezer a few months before, so we had plenty of room.

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