Monday, January 23, 2012

Robitussin - Possible Small Money Maker at Walmart

I have to admit I have not been printing these Robitussin coupons because I have had no luck finding the To Go Robitussin that most seem to be finding.  I honestly was beginning to think the Walmarts in Houston didn't carry this size, but I must just not be going to the right store.  It seems my coupon bud Erin has no problems finding them at her local store in Katy, so I am printing this again and adding it to my coupon purse in hopes of finding these.
Each coupon you print, should net $1 overage that you can then use on the remainder of your shopping trip :D
Come back and let us know if you find these and at what store you are able to find them.

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adria said...

what store in Katy, I can't find them either... ?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know which store too...I live in Katy and have been to 2 stores with no luck. Where at in the store too...I may not be looking in the right place?

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