Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free Peanut Butter Samples at Randalls and a few deals too....

My friend Mariah sent me this picture of a display box she found at her Randalls store. I forgot to post it and just remembered today when I noticed the same display at a Randalls in Katy. My display was near the peanut butter but as you can see hers was near the crackers. The actual sample looks like this:
(sorry for a sideways pic, too tired to mess with editing it,lol)

While you are at Randalls, you might consider picking up a few freebies/cheapies other than what I already posted here)

Pillsbury brownies .99 with in ad coupon
-.35 insert 11-6 RP
=FREE after triples

Chapstick for .24 after triples of the IP.

Carmex, my personal choice! $1 - .30 insert (10-30 rp) = .10
All varieties of Carmex were marked for the sale.

Kotex U .99 each - $1 insert (tomorrow's paper) = FREE

Knorr Bouillon .69 (these size boxes are in the ethnic aisle, the ones on the soup aisle are bigger and cost more)
If you get the special Spanish SS insert on your lawn(regional) these are free after tomorrows .45 insert coupon doubles!

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Anonymous said...

Which Randalls stores double/triple?

Anonymous said...

Just Wondering which Pillsbury Coupon you are looking at. I just can't seem to find it and I organize by date, sorry to bother but it would help so much. THANKS.

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

From the hcw database:
Pillsbury Frosting or Brownie Mix, Any - 11-06-11 RP

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, all Randalls double and triple one like coupon per transaction, everyday!

Shawn M. said...

My store had the bouillon cubes 10 for $10. Still $1.10 after coupon isn't bad.

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Shawn, did you look at the ethnic aisle? The regular aisle has a bigger box and thus the $1 price. If you find the spanish section of the ethnic aisle you should find these .69 ones(picture was taken at Highland Knolls store)

Anonymous said...

ok, so I did the kotex and carefree deal at Fry rd/morton ranch rd location. I had 4 boxes of Kotex and 2 carefree's, all 99 cents. I had 4 one dollar coupons for the Kotex and 1 one dollar coupon and a 50 cent coupon for the carefree. It kept beeping after the 5th coupon. The manager had to cancel the order and walked me to the courtesy booth to redo the whole transaction. My question is what can I do to prevent this in the future?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon the coupon beeped because their register combines all the like products similar to what CVS registers do. The last coupon will for an item(or family of items) will beep because the previous coupons give you the .01 overage and then the last coupon beeps stating it is over the purchase. If you just tell the cashier ahead of time, they will usually just adjust the last coupon down to account for this(at least that is my experience)

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