Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Printable Coupons I will have in my coupon bag

Let's face it, lots of couponing success means planning ahead. One thing I do to plan ahead is check the printable sites regularly for new coupons. I print off the ones I see might have potential for current and future sales.
Here is the list of coupons I am printing tonight to be prepared:

From here
$1 off Aveeno hair care (several of these on clearance right now at CVS, waiting for prices to go lower)
$1 off Filippo Berio Olive Oil (part of $5 deal at Randalls on Friday, making it stock up)
$1/2 Cheerios (we love Cheerios)
.50 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (always part of Randalls cereal sales and doubles there)
$1.50 Seattles best coffee (Hazelnut and Cinnamon on clearance at HEB for $3, if you can still find some)
$5 Pictionary (card games are under $1 with coupon, will hold until right before exp in hopes to get it free with sale before the month is up)
.30 French's spicy mustard (only mustard I use and almost out, will use at Randalls or Gerlands since they triple)
$1 Honey Bunches of Oats (high value for just 1 box)
zip 60110
.50/2 Kraft shredded cheese (waiting on sale at Randalls or Gerlands so coupon will double)

$1/2 Cheerios(again we love cheerios)
.75 Multigrain Cheerios (for Food Town)
$1/4 Totinos pizza (holding for future HEB sale on BTFE items, trust me PRINT THIS)

.50 Target cafe item (makes popcorn cheap enough when kids shop with me)
$1 off Market Pantry chunk or shredded cheese (hoping for a sale)

$2 Neutrogena face makeup
$1 Neutrogena Lip or eye makeup(I think I saw B HEB coupons and clearance, can't remember if Neutrogena was on that list though)
$1 Kikkoman product (makes sauces free at Food Town or HEB)
$1 Aveeno Hair care (again the clearance at CVS)
$1/5 Totinos pizzas (gonna want these for HEB future sale)

$15 Nicorette (CVS deal starting next week)

$1.10/5 Totinos pizzas (HEB)
$1 Multi Grain cheerios

$3 off Benefiber stick pack (overage at Walmart)

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Tara in SA said...

Thank you! This is the kind of comprehensive post that really helps out when determining just what to print and where to use them! LOVE it! I feel like I'm wasting tons of ink printing coupons I don't end up using or not printing ones that would have really helped out in a scenario. Awesome job and SO appreciated!!

Ryan said...

The Pearland Walmart wouldn't take the printable Pictionary coupon. They pulled out a memo saying they no longer take this store by store policy or a new rule all over?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Ryan, I think that store is misinformed. They do not seem to have changed their online policy. I would print this and have it with you when shopping. I try to carry all coupon policies with me when shopping.

Anonymous said...

This list idea was great! I found it useful and am glad I had some of the coupons already printed.

hoppers said...

This is great. I'm never sure what to print and where it will be valuable.

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