Saturday, January 7, 2012

Houston Chronicle Newspaper Price just increased!

For those that have not heard the news yet, the Houston Chronicle has increased their price now to $2.50 for the Sunday edition newspaper. YIKES!
How will this impact your couponing? Will you plan on buying less papers now?
Those of you with the .50 home delivery subscriptions, you might want to call up your carriers and see if you can get an extension on your subscription at the cheaper rate.
For those that buy at the newsstands, the cheapest deal I see advertised right now is $1.50 for Sunday only directly through the Chronicle here.

Will more of you start buying from clipping services like Dede or The Coupon Clippers (Dede is located just outside San Antonio so hers tend to come pretty quick to us in TX)

Will more of you be flooding the .99 Only stores for cheaper papers(before this increase they sold them for $1.50 but not sure if this increase will also increase their selling price)

Readers, what are you gonna do to minimize to new costs of your coupons?  Form more trading groups? Would love your input!

Photo courtesy of Coupon Kristin (thanks)

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked today when the cashier rang me up! I sold newspapers when I was little, started @ $1, then 1.25, 1.50, then 2, and now 2.50! 150% increase in about 16 years. This will only exacerbate the shift to the web based world. I won't shed a tear when the day comes that they have to shutter the doors and become just a memory like the Houston Post.

AWalker7980 said...

This is really crazy! The Houston Chronicle is making more money on newspapers now than they have in a long time I would think at least Thanks to EC!!!!

Now they want to increase the price just because they are selling more papers! Ridiculous, if you ask me!!!

I buy my papers at the .99 Only stores anyways. $1.50 is cheaper than $2.00. I purchased mine today and they were still $1.50. I guess we will have to wait until next Saturday to find out if they go to $2.00 now

Army Wife Quilter said...

I live out in college station and this morning I paid $3 for the chronicle. I buy 5 every sunday so now instead of $10 a week it will cost me $15 that sucks.

Anonymous said...

How do you get in contact with your carrier? I know my .50 cent subscription is ending next month and I would LOVE to be able to extend my deal for another year!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

anon, I know when I complained once about not getting my paper I used the contact us link on the chron website. After that my carrier called me and asked that I call him first for a missed paper so he would not get a write up. I saved his number and only had to call him one other time for a missed offer, but it was helpful having his direct number.
I would try using the contact us and see if you can ask for your carrier to get in contact with you

Anonymous said...

If you can get it the Galveston Daily News is only 1.50 and they pretty much have the same coupons.

Deb said...

I signed up for the 50 cent deal directly through the central subscription office, so they send me a renewal bill every year. (I pay by check - no auto-renew for me!) This year the price went up to 75 cents per Sunday, and when I called I was told that is the cheapest delivery deal. 75 cents is still pretty good, I think.

Anonymous said...

I recently renewed three weeks ago and they told me it would be .75 per sunday, I asked if I could keep my .50 rate since I have six subcriptions delivered to my home per week and it was approved. Renewed my mom's last week as well for the same price without a problem. I would recommend you contact the 800 # @ 855.753.8265 to see if they would continue your promotion. :)

Casey said...

I am new to this...why is it necessary to have 5 or 6 Sunday papers sent to your house every week?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Casey, as a way to get more identical coupons couponers will buy extra papers. To get them delivered for .50 or .75 a week is cheaper than buying at the newsstand and you will have your coupons on the date they come out as opposed to waiting for a clipping service to send just 1 or 2 coupons you order for multiples.

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