Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heb - Some decent deals with Yellow Coupons and Manuf.

Stopped into HEB to look for new P&G Yellow coupons since the really great Duracell and Always/Tampax one expired yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not see any new coupons to help that promo, but I did find a few coupons to help save you a few bucks on groceries!
It is the new year so time to shed some pounds right?(I could stand to lose some).  Well there is a B Yellow coupon for $6 off 10 Smart Ones, which means you can combine it with a manufacturer coupon, yay!
The cheapest meals are $1.78 so
Buy 10 meals @ 1.78 = $17.80
-$6 YQ
-$3 IP
=$8.80 or just .88 each!

Or, how about Lean Cuisine?  Cheapest I saw were $1.66 and there is a B Yellow coupon for $7 off 10.

Buy 10 meals @ 1.66 = $16.60
-$7 YQ
-$2 - 2 $1/5 insert 1-1 SS
=$7.60 or just .76 each!

There is a yellow B coupon for $1 off any HEB Sauced vegetables 10-12 oz or HEB frozen rice 10 oz..  I noticed these mixed veggies in an Italian butter sauce for $1.44 so .44 or the glazed sweet potatoes would be just .64, yum!

These next two coupons make a pretty nice combo.
B coupon for Buy any 2 Smart Balance milk 64 oz or spreads 12-45 oz and get Jala Yogurt bars or Sandwiches 4-6 pk free.
M coupon for Save $2 off Smart Balance Spreads 12-15 oz when you purchase Smart Balance milk 64 oz.
You should be able to combine BOTH these in addition to coupons for the milk to make a pretty SMOKIN deal.  The milks are $3.28 and the spreads are $2.28.  You can do the following:

Purchase 2 milks and 2 spreads along with 2 Jala yogurt bars or sandwiches = $11.12 + cost of Jala(didn't grab those prices)
- B coupons to get both Jala free
-$4 - 2 $2 off spread when you buy milk
-$1.50 - 2 .75 IP coupons for the milk
=$5.62 for 2 milks, 2 butter spreads and 2 boxes bars or sandwiches or .94 an item
(you should also be able to purchase 1 of each item and use 1 of each coupon for a cost of $2.81)

There is a B coupon out for $1.50 off any Revlon Nail and beauty implement.  If you can find a store that has the $1 nail clippers in stock, those will be free.  You can also get overage if you have any Revlon manuf coupons (I don't see any in the database, but there may be tearpads out?)

There is also a Yellow coupon to get 1 dozen free eggs when you purchase 1 gallon of HEB milk.  I think the gallons were $3.78, so not cheap, but if you need them anyway, at least you will get free eggs.

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