Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Staples - Free Copy Paper and a few other goodies

There are several items at Staples for pretty cheap per their ad, but I like to find the items that are $1 or $2 after Staples Easy Rebates and then find a $/$$ coupon to make them 100% free. This week, I was able to do that to score 2 reams of copy paper for FREE! (much needed when you print coupons!)

I also take advantage of a few Staples Rewards offers here and there. I don't do them all because Staples Rewards are different than Staples Easy Rebates (I will explain both further down this post, let me just explain what I ended up getting and then explain the difference between the two for those that don't know.

First, if you plan on doing these deals, you will want to go here first and print the $5/$25 coupon that pops up.

Ok, then you can look at the ad online that is right after the coupon.  On the first page there is a package of 50 Staples Photo paper for $13.99 but just $1 after Easy REBATE.  Limit 2 per household
There is also a package of Hammermill copy plus paper for $4.99 but just $1 after Easy REBATE, also limit 2.
Well, I don't really care about the photo paper but it serves its purpose by upping my total to use the $5/25 to get my Hammermill paper free.  Here is what I did

1 Staples Paper $14.99
2 Hammermill Paper $11.98
= 26.97
-$5/25 printable
+ tax 1.81
I got 2 rebate forms printed with my receipt that I will use to go online to StaplesEasyRebates and submit for $13.99 and $9.98 back so a total of $23.97 will be refunded to me via check.
That is a profit of $0.19 to buy 2 reams of paper I can use to print coupons! (the photo paper I will probably give away)

In a separate transaction, I went to buy the free after REWARDS letter/legal storage bins.  I don't actually use these as filing bins since I have a file cabinet, but these make great containers to store toys, art work or just anything around the house.  According to the ad, you can get 2 of them for free after REWARDS.

 Well, imagine my surprise when I went to my store and they not only had the sign advertising the rewards, but they had an unadvertised buy 2 get 1 free sale!!!!! SCORE.  So I grabbed 3, paid for 2 @ $13.49 each and will get back $26.98 in rewards.  So basically I am out my tax of $2.23 on this transaction but my last transaction more than makes up for that!

Now, how are Staples Rewards different from Staples rebates?  Well, rebates are just that, you pay now, submit your information(I love that you can do this online at Staples, so you don't even waste a stamp) and you have a few options for payment back.  You can get a gift card or a check.  I always pick the check because then to me it is 100% free since I will get my money back to use anywhere I choose!

Staples Rewards, you need to sign up for their free card either here or in store.  Once you've signed up you'll earn 10% back in Staples Rewards on all ink and toner, case and ream paper and Copy & Print purchases.  You can also earn rewards back on select items advertised in their weekly ads.  This week that is the storage bins and the Avery 3 ring binders.  With Staples REWARDS, if you use coupons you will receive the reward value LESS the value of the coupon, hence the reason I broke my transaction up.  If I had combined them, I would not have earned the extra $5 from using the coupon.
Also, Staples REWARDS are certificates you will receive in the mail to be used only at Staples on future purchases AND they have an expiration date.  This is why I only do them on the items I really need or want.  Then, when the rewards come in, I go buy my toner cartridges for my printer before they expire.  It is money I would be spending anyway, so to me it is like pre-buying my toner and getting the bins for free :D

I hope this makes sense and feel free to ask questions if I have been unclear.

edited for math error - thanks Julia

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Maria S. said...

I hate to bother, and did try to find the answer myself first, but...
I know Staples Rewards cannot be used on another Staples Rewards offer if I want to get the second reward amount. Can they be used on Easy Rebates and I would get the rebate amount back?
Thank you in advance

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

No bother.
Staples rewards do not negatively affect rebates at all. :D

Maria S. said...

SSSSSSWWWWWEET, thank you so much for answering, and so quickly. I always try to find the answer first. I'm surprised they do this, I never tried because I just buy the rebate items here&there. I did the Duracell battery Reward deal at Christmas time, so I'm happy to find out I can use that reward amount to buy something that will get me the money right back in the form of a rebate check.

Juliana said...

Yes, I roll my rewards over to cash by using them on rebate items.

Julia said...

I'm not sure if your math is correct. Both copy paper and photo paper will be $1 after rebate. So the rebate should be $23.97 and not $26.97. Or am I missing something? Since you pay $23.78 it is still a $0.19 ct profit but not $3.19 right?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Julia you are correct, I made an error in my type up. Need to stop trying to do these kind of posts when tired.

Julia said...

You still showed how to get free paper which is awesome! Please keep Staples deals like this one coming.

Anonymous said...

I copied your transaction and just realized I only received 1 redemption form for the photo. I thought perhaps the redemption form was for both the photo paper and the copy paper. Did you get 2 or one?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

anon, you should have received 1 receipt, 1 rebate receipt and 1 rebate form for each the photo and the copy paper. If you do the rebate online, you will only need the rebate offer numbers, so assuming you bought the correct paper, those are as follows:
Photo paper: 11-73627
Copy paper: 11-73628

The copy paper is upc 010199005007 on my receipt.
Hope this helps

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Julia, I am still wrong! The paper is also part of the get 10% back for being a Staples customer so it shows I earned .98 in my Staples Rewards for buying it too! Woo Hoo!

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