Thursday, January 19, 2012

Better than Free Feline Pine Cat litter

I have one outdoor cat that I have to bring in when it is way too hot or way to cold outside and I use Feline Pine for her box because she tracks regular litter EVERYWHERE! Imagine my excitement to find I can get a box (9 or 14lb) for free after rebate.
Bonus: There is a $1.50 IP here for printing. I am hoping Petsmart carries this size because I love saving the free after rebate items for when they put out the $5/25 coupons. These free after rebates helps boost my total and at the same time, give me $5 instantly off my pet food(with the $5/25).

Thanks Carols Critter Corner

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Casey said...

We just adopted a lost kitten (at least for now), have no idea about any cat litter or cat food deals. This is very helpful if we decided to keep her for good! Thank you!

Carol said...

Thank you Katy :-)

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