Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot Pockets/Digiorno Pizza Deal at HEB

Found these HOT "B" Yellow coupon at HEB and I think it will go perfect with the tearpad coupon I found on a beer display at my local HEB(sorry, forgot to take a picture of that one because I was in a hurry)
The tearpad is for $3/2 Digiorno pizzas (we also just got $1/2 inserts if you cannot find the tearpad)

Since the YQ is a B coupon, you can combine it with a manufacturer coupon, per the HEB coupon policy.
The Hot pockets 5 packs are $5.36 at my store.
The Digiorno pizzas are $5.48 each.
So, combining the coupons will look like this:

2 Hot Pockets @ 5.36 = $10.72
2 Digiorno @ $5.48 = $10.96
-$10.96 (2 B coupons)
-$3/2 tearpad
=$7.72 or $1.93 an item!!!!
 SWEET! I was almost out of pizza

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Katy,
Thank you for all the informations.
I try to use the coupons as you did, but our HEB won't let me do, since the pizza is free. :(

Anonymous said...

According to the rebate states, "purchase requirements calculated before taxes and "after" other discounts have been applied - so, I don't think we would be able to qualify for the rebate because of the 2.00 Q's...what do you think???

Anonymous said...

The yellow coupon @ my HEB says it's only good on Hot Pockets 12-22 count :-(

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon1, sorry to hear your store would not follow their coupon policy

Anon2, I have done offers like this in the past and they have paid, but it is possible they might deny it, thanks for pointing that out, I missed it because I skimmed.

Anon3, my store has both coupons, the 12-22 ct that is an M and the 5 ct that is a B.

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