Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Up to $53 Money Maker at CVS with little to ZERO oop, potential to get 2 free coupons too!

I hope you like hair dye! If not I know some women's shelters that would LOVE to take it off your hands, and if you can find the right ones, you can get most of it for ZERO out of pocket!

CVS has loads of hairdye on clearance as they are about to do a HUGE reset on that aisle, along with their shampoo! Well, there are currently 2 ECB deals that involve hairdye and it appears the clearance is working on these!
The two ECB deals
Spend $25 get $10 ECB wyb Loreal Preference or Feria Hair Color (limit 1 according to the ad)

Buy 1 Clairol hairdye get $2 ECB (limit 3 according to ad)

There are a number of colors of the Clairol Natural Instinct that rang up $2.49 clearance.  Combine that with the $1 off any Clairol manuf. coupon in the last P&G insert 1-1 and you turn this into a $.51 MM each
I purchased 3 in one transaction and got $6 in ECB but it did not show me maxed out so I bought more and turns out the limit is 6!

Now for the HUGE moneymaker!  There are TONS on L'oreal hairdye on clearance from $2.07-$2.67.  Between the $2 and $5/2 inserts from 1-1 RP and the $2 tearpads for the Root Rescue found right next to the products, you can actually pay $0 OOP and get $10 for $25 purchase.  I purchased what is pictured at lunch and ran back to work.  When I checked my receipt I saw my limit had not been reached so I went back and did it again, and again, and again!  Turns out the limit is 4 or $100!!!!!!  WOW! (I am not sure if you have to do these one at a time or not as that is how I did them)
Well, since I spent $100 on hair dye today, in two days I should have earned another $10 from my Beauty Club earnings for a profit of $5 on the L'oreal alone.
The other $3 MM is the difference between what I paid for the Clairol and what I got back:
6 x 2.49 = 14.94 - $6 in coupons = $8.94 got back $12 in ECBS!

*Just remember you probably want to do Clairol 3 at a time and the L'oreal 1 $25 value at a time!
*there is also a $3 off any Preference if you can find some of those on clearance!

Keep in mind clearance is typically excluded from ECB deals so this might be a glitch and might be fixed at any time, but they way I combined the coupons and price points, I ended up paying nothing anyway so nice score for the ladies shelters for NO OOP!

Huge thanks to SD for the heads up :D

Update, If you plan on keeping some of your boxes, L'Oreal has a rewards program.  Buy 5 hair dyes and get the 6th box free in the form of a coupon (max value $9.99).  These coupons could come in handy for future RR or ECB deals.
Go here to sign up.  There are codes on the Developer creme bottles in the boxes.  You can enter 2 codes per calendar month up to 10 codes per customer.  AWESOME!

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Sarah W said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on this deal! Went out and grabbed the L'Oreal deal and three Clairols this morning. :D

Anonymous said...

This deal is dead (no more ECBs), but a lot of the clearance items marked 25% off on the shelves are ringing up 75% off so it's worth scanning them. With the $5/2, $2/1 L'Oreal coupons and the Clairol deal I got 4 boxes of haircolor for $1 total. Not a MM but still pretty good.
- Robin

AWalker7980 said...

Not sure if it is dead. I did this deal this evening around the same time today and I maxed out the ECB available.

It might be dead now or tomorrow though. Most ECB deals don't include clearance items!!!!

Anonymous said...

worked for me about that time too. maybe you were a little short of $25 since they were all different prices?

Anonymous said...

This deal still works as of tonight. I just got back from CVS and paid 30 cents OOP for 5 boxes of hair color and scored 2 of the 2 ECB on the Clairol. I was one box short of the Loreal ECB but it did tally on my reciept and I plan to grab another box at a different store.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I read my receipt wrong, I actually need a lot more to get the loreal ECB since I only spent about $7 before coupons. Still a money maker on the Clairol. The cashier was really nice he even asked me if I watched Extreme Couponing LOL I get that a lot though.

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