Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Cheap Pickle Chips!

I have to give credit to my readers on facebook for this find. I was attempting to do my HEB post at work today after being gone for 3 days and lets just say I forgot to post actual coupon matchups, lol! Well, that is ok because I am going to add to that post and modify it and then I will repost so everything is in one place for you readers.
But, I just gotta say this is a HOT deal on pickles. I LOVE pickles! My family HATES pickles. When we order from Chick Fil A, I have extra pickles, they have none! So I have to admit I do NOT buy pickles :( They are expensive and since I am the only one that eats them, I don't get pickles.
BUT HEB LOVES me and is going to give me 16 oz jars of pickle bliss for just .25 each after my 1-22 SS insert and their sale price, YAY!

Now, for all the rest of you look for my revised HEB post hopefully later tonight, but for those of you still reading this nonsense, I have a little contest for you. The first person that can tell me what made me giggle about this coupon, will win a $5 gift card to a select store of their choice(select as in it has to be on my drive to the post office on Friday- Kroger(grrr), HEB, Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens).

Winner will be selected via time stamp of entry(I moderate comments due to spam but the time stamp is what time you posted) First correct answer wins!
My readers are too smart, winner picked FAST on this one.  Thanks everyone for playing and yes, the answer was wow really rush out, you have 4 months to use this coupon :D
Good luck!

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Daniela6968 said...

The q says hurry with a long exp date?

Gille said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. Is it the expiration date that made you giggle???

MessyJess said...

I'm not sure if this is it, but I kinda laughed at the HURRY wording b/c it don't expire untill April. That's a pretty long time for now. =)

Megan Bentley said...

Hurry offer expires 4-5-12

elizabeth m. said...

Hmm either that its called mt. Olive, or it says dill chips lol

Erika johnson said...

How it says hurry. But expires in April....,

G Martinez said...

your math brain appreciated the expy date 4.8.12?

TexasTiger said...

Hurry? It doesnt expire until April! haha

Sugarfruit73 said...

Ok, am I the only person saw the coupon that made UP2U gum more than free@ HEB????? Use your $1 off with the .50 cent HEB B coupon and its free until 1/31/2012. The original price is $1.34.

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