Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heb Deals Jan 25th - 31st

Prices are from my store ad.

Please remember Heb has regional ads and they can vary greatly in meat and produce prices, so please go online and view your local zip code to confirm you have the same prices as my ad. I have noticed a variance in stores just 3 miles apart.
Also note, HEB accepts coupons at face value. You can review their coupon policy here.
Something to note on my matchups.  I will label the store coupons with an M or a B once I am aware which they are.  B store coupons can be combined with paper coupons for added savings, M store coupons cannot.

.99/lb Country Style Pork Ribs Bone in Boston Butt cut value pack

$1/lb Red Seedless Grapes

$1 Russet potatoes 5 lb bag

5 for $5 Pringles
limit 5 with $10 additional purchase

5 for $5 HCF Large Grade A eggs 1 dozen
limit 5 with $10 additonal purchase

5 for $5 HCF Pancake and Waffle mix 32 oz or HCF syrup 24 oz
limit 5 with $10 additional purchase

5 for $5 Puffs facial tissue with in store coupon (.50 off M)
limit 5 with $10 additional purchase

Buy Doritos @$2.68  get HEB flavored tortilla chips free with in store coupon
-$1/2 Doritos tearpad
= 4 bags for 4.36 or $1.09 a bag wyb 2 of each

$4.99 Community red bag coffee 12 oz
-$1 in store coupon (M)

.99 Fisher Boy Fish sticks 8 oz

2 lbs $1 Yellow Onions

3 for $1 Cucumbers

3 for $1 Small Red Delicious apples

5 for $5 HEB instant oatmeal 8 -16.2 oz

5 for $5 Mt Olive Hamburger Dill Chips 16 oz
-.75 insert 1-22 SS

5 for $5 HEB broth 32 oz

5 for $5 Old El Paso Taco shells

$4 Digiornio Pizzas 12.6-34.2 oz
with in store coupon for $1 off
*you are better off with the $3/2 if you can find it, or if you have a Randalls or Tom Thumb, shop the Friday $5 sale for the Pizza with sides deal

$1.63 Pace Picante sauce 16 oz
-.75 in store coupon M

2 for $4 Pillsbury Toaster strudels
-$1/2 in store coupon (M or B?)
=.75 each wyb 2

4 for $4 Betty Crocker potato mixes
with in store coupon

3 for $8 GM cereals(Honey Nut, Dulce De Leche and Multigrain PB cheerios, Lucky Charms or Cinn Toast Crunch)
-$3/3 in store B coupon
-$1/2 insert
=as low as $1.16 a box

Unadvertised deals I found:
With clearance pricing, FREE for each one you buy, otherwise cost of $1.47 each.  Insert was from 1-8 RP.

.17 for Revlon nail polish with the insert from 1-15 SS

This Yellow B coupon was hiding in the candy aisle even though if you read it, it is clearly for the 14 count Mentos.  Combine with the Up2U $1 insert from 1-1 SS and FREE!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Anonymous said...

I was going to get the Doritos; however, on the YQ it states "M"...can you combine the tearpad Q with the YQ ("M")?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, the Yellow coupon says purchase Doritos get free HEB brand. The tearpad coupon is for the Doritos. This is called piggybacking and is legitimate coupon usage.
You are using the Yellow coupon on the heb product when you buy doritos, then you are using the tearpad to pay less for the doritos (I was gonna link you over to the HCW explanation of using coupons like this but they are currently down for maintainance)

Anonymous said...

I used the $1/2 tear pad coupon for Doritos, giving them that coupon before the 2YQs for free HEB chips. One coupon nazi HEB wouldn't let me do it, saying it was "doubling coupons" since the YQ was an "M" coupon. They also didn't want to let me use both the $1 up2u MQ along with the .50 B YQ for gum, since the gum was "only 1.34". And, to top it off, the wouldn't let me use a MQ on a clearance item.

Anonymous said...

Austinites, I just called the Allendale HEB, and the nail polish is 3.74 here, so .25 each here. Our prices for makeup is generally higher than Houston.

Anonymous said...

On the 5 for $5 do you have to actually buy 5? I don't need 5 pints of blackberries! But it'd be nice to have a box for $1!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, no you do not have to purchase 5 to get the sale price

Say What said...

The cereal coupons 3/3 and 1/3 will that work ? I spotted that today but didn't have my coupon. Has anyone tried it?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

yes say what you can use any manuf coupon you have for the cereal that matcehs the ones you are buying :D

Say What said...

Awesome! Thanks, I'm going ASAP. Also, picked up the hair dye. My store only had the clear on clearance. Still, 1.47 per isn't bad! I did get a couple of the clear bc free is fun! :) thanks so much!

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