Friday, June 25, 2010

Safeway - Kraft dressing and FREE GUM!

I won't have time to do my usual Saturday shopping run, so decided to run out tonight to get some freebies(had a few free homemailers expiring at month end I wanted to use before I forgot). Lucky for me the husband managed the kids (even bathed them YAY!)

Here is what I did:
17 Dentyne gum $1 each - $1 insert = FREE
17 Dentyne Pure gum $1 each - $1 insert = FREE
1 Betty Crocker Warm delights closeout $1.49 - .75 shortcuts - .50 Randalls loadable - .50 IP = -.76
3 Kraft dressing $1.49 each - 1 $1 insert - 1 .35 peelie = $2.42 (I had 2 coupons but one got missed?)
1 Safeway green beans .50 - .30 hurricane map = .20
1 Safeway tuna .69 - .50 hurricane map = .19
1 Sunkist fusion $.99 - .50 insert = FREE
1 Minute Maid OJ $2.79 - $1.50 Randalls loadable - $1.50 homemailer = -.21
1 Yoplait Go Gurt $2.50 - .80 loadable? -.40 loadable? - free homemailer = -$1.20
1 Philadelphia cream cheese minis $1.99 - free homemailer = FREE
1 O Organic Yogurt .79 - .40 50% off coupon - .79 O Organic tearpad = -.40
1 Tide detergent $.99 - .35 P&G insert = FREE
1 Halls refresh .62 - .50 tearpad = -.38
Tax: .95
Cost oop: .81
*I honestly have no clue how to make sense of this run because in Tx we pay taxes AFTER coupons???

Earned a $2 oynso for purchasing 3 Kraft dressing.


Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

If you got the Dairy Adventure Coupon Books the be on the lookout for 50¢ Lucerne Cream Cheese in the Bakery area (my stores have them in the cold case in frot of the bakery counter where they take orders for cakes), they are small little cups for bagels. Use the <$1>/2 coupon & get 2 FREE

Deb said...

Most coupons clearly state that the purchaser will pay the tax. Once in a while a coupon will actually also subtract tax, and that's always a pleasant surprise. :) I think these are usually store coupons (I heard something about stores not being allowed to charge tax on their own coupons, but I don't remember where I heard that, so don't take it as complete truth). :)

....However, without seeing your actual receipt, I cannot come up with $11.52 worth of items to get that tax amount. :p

Have you ever gone through the self-checkout with your coupons? My Randalls has the best grocery store customer service I've ever seen, and I almost always check myself out there. I love that I can watch the value of everything very closely, which I don't get to do if I go through a regular line.

Heather said...

I just moved here to Kingwood from FL and am not that familiar with Randalls...when you post "Safeway" is this the same store as "Randalls"???

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Heather, yes, Safeway is the main chain that owns Randalls in Houston(same as Tom Thumb in Dallas area, Safeway up North and Vons in California)

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