Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money Maker deal at Petsmart - started today

Remember me mentioning a $3 printable for World's Best Cat litter on this post?
Well, in that post I also mentioned a FREE Mail in Rebate for that same cat litter. Combine the two and you already have a profit of $3 (not counting stamp or tax).
Well, today was the first day of the rebate and I headed to Petsmart since I had to take the new kitty to the vet anyway. While there, I decided to pick up a few more free bags of Science Diet dog treats (I mentioned this deal here). Well, today the cashier did NOT adjust the coupon down and I got overage of .50 per treat bag I purchased.(I got 8)
So, for my transaction above, I paid 0.53 and will mail in for a rebate of the $7.49 ring up price of the cat litter. Almost a $7 PROFIT!
This would be a great money maker deal to do even if you don't have animals. You cannot guarantee you are going to get the overage from the Science Diet treats, so I liked the idea of getting the litter because it is already a small money maker as it is. IF they give you the overage from the treats, it becomes a bigger money maker. If you don't have animals, there are several local organizations or animal shelters that would love your donation(even vet clinics love donated dog treats!)*

*Keep in mind for the rebate on the litter you need to have the UPC, so you need to clip that first if you choose to donate. You can use a piece of packaging tape to seal the hole and trust me, shelters are NOT going to be picky! Rebate is for up to $12.99 on a 7 or 8 lb bag only and must be purchased between 6/16 and 8/15. Also keep in mind $2.50 price on Science Diet treats and $7.49 price on litter is ONLY with your Petsmart loyalty card(free at checkouts)


Juan said...

have you had any luck with the free dog treats. i went today and they told me that as of Friday they were no longer taking the $3q because the SD rep said they would not get reimbursed.

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