Sunday, June 20, 2010

Safeway run - netted free milk, yogurt, Sunkist and Season all

My husband needed to have his propane tank refilled and I noticed a local Randalls sells the Blue Rhino Brand for only $16.99 for the exchange. Since I found a beer display with a $10 mail in rebate, I decided to take his tank there, since that is pretty darn cheap(he uses the propane for his beer brewing).
Anyway, while there, I couldn't NOT shop (much to my dh's dismay - luckily this store has a lounge area he hung out in while I worked my magic, lol)
I got SUPER lucky with a deal on Capn Crunch and milk thanks to 50% stickers and a tearpad I found for free Lucerne milk(up to $4) wyb 3 Quaker cold cereals. Since I went through the uscan, the register prompted the cashier for the prices on the beer and the Capn Crunch and he put higher prices in for each one(he used the price printed on the tags, but both items were on sale this week)
This is how my transaction played out:
1 Morton Sea Salt $2.24 - .50 insert 6-20 RP = $1.24 (we are completed out of sea salt!)
1 Morton Season all $1.50 - 2 .55 cellfire - .55 loadable(not sure where this one came from????) - .55 insert 6-20 RP= -.70
1 Sunkist Solar fusion .88 - .50 insert 5-9SS = FREE
1 Fage yogurt $1 - .50 dairy booklet coupon = FREE (this was on overstock sale)
1 Tide trial size .99 - .35 insert P&G = FREE
1 Halls refresh closeout .62 - .50 tearpad(found at pharmacy) = FREE
2.34 lb bananas $1.08
1 Safeway tuna .69 - .50 hurricane booklet coupon(says .30 but it took off .50) = .19
1 Fat Tire beer $7.99 - $4.50 50% tag = $3.49
3 Cap n Crunch $1.99 each - $1.33 each 50% tag - 3 .50 insert 5-16 RP(1 doubled) = -.02
1 Lucerne milk $3.18 - $3.18 tearpad buy 3 Quaker get free milk = FREE
Tax: .25
-2 $2 catalinas
Cost oop: $1.53


amy and the bad cats said...

where in the store was the lucenre mil tearpad located? and was the other Q from the new hurrican booklet? thanks!

jules said...

I do the Blue Rhino rebate every year and this year it requires proof of purchase along with form and receipt. I have never had to provide that before, have no idea what it is, I can not find anything on the tank. Any ideas?
Thanks Juliana

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Amy, I found the tearpad on and endcap with some Quaker cereal. Yes the new hurricane booklet on the tuna coupon

Jules, I don't see a requirement for a proof of purchase on my form ????

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