Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kroger Daytona Deal starting TOMMORROW

Kroger is going to have a Daytona sale starting tommorrow. These typically are buy 10 items get $3 off instantly. I hope to have a working matchups list for you in the morning (wish me luck), but I wanted to at least give you the heads up.

Also, if you were able to print those .35 Goldfish coupons I told you about a week or so ago, you can add those to your list. Kroger has these on sale now through the end of the NEXT ad for $1.25. Shortcuts just added two loadables for Goldfish(one for regular and one for graham- I checked at lunch and both types are on sale) which should give you a little overage on purchasing them!


Anonymous said...

Randall's has goldfish for .88 Saturday and Sunday, so you might hold on to the coupons and shortcuts savings, if your expiration dates allow.

Mary S. said...

I am new to Shortcuts and I am confused. I have it linked to both my Kroger and Randalls card. How can I tell which card I am loading my e-coupons to??

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Mary, as long as you have both cards on your account, you can use it at either store. Keep in mind it is SINGLE use though, so once you use it at Kroger, it is no longer available at Kroger or Randalls to redeem (I have a google document on the right upper column of my blog explaining how loadable coupons work and the quirks of the different sites)

Anonymous said...

Mary S, I personally have 2 different shortcuts.com accounts, one for Kroger and one for Randalls. All it takes is 2 email addresses :)

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