Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Goodie

Ok, I gotta tell you husband has a garden. Don't ASK me what is out there that is HIS project, lol. I just humor him and enjoy the spoils from time to time when we actually get something from the harvest(hey, he is learning!)
Anyway, I have taken pictures before and just always forgotten to actually post them, so I am posting now. This is perhaps the biggest tomato I have ever seen and it came from HIS garden. The little ones to the left are still ripening in the house(dang varments outside) but this baby is ready to eat up. (we are gonna make an awesome salad with it tommorrow night)
Oh and husband decided to take the photo next to a 12 oz can for perspective.(ignore the honey, peanut butter and cheetos in the back ground, he took the pic :P)

On another note, I am sorry readers that my posts are so few and far between. My new responsibilities at work are really having an effect on my couponing time and so much has come up that needs to be tended to. I DO hope to get back to FULL force couponing soon as it is one thing I truly do love and anchors me. Until then, I will try to post deals I "read" about but just don't have time to run myself. I hope you will stick with me and I promise I will still bring you nice goodies and suprises as much as I can find time for.
Also, don't forget the month is winding down and so will my cellfire giveaway. If you have not taken a shot at chance #3 do it now! I will be pooling all entries to pick a final winner at the end of the month. Good luck everyone.


Anonymous said...

Tell your husband he is doing a great job.
If he uses the bags that come with the oranges, the small netted ones it helps keep the birds from picking at the tomatoes.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Thanks for the tip anon. He has been using old socks to cover the larger tomatoes and that seems to be working. He also had several green onions recently and garlic but he gave a lot of that to coworkers before I was able to get a picture

Rene said...

Tell your hubby that the tomatoes look great! I love to make salsa with the ones I grow, and a few of those big ones would make great salsa!

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