Sunday, June 13, 2010

Krogers - lucked out AGAIN!!!!!

Tonight must have been my lucky night(makes up for the loss I had last night of many GOOD coupons- will explain in a different blog post).

I had to run an errand tonight that happened to take me past 2 Krogers. Since I was out anyway, I decided to stop in and purchase 4 Reach Toothbrushes for a catalina deal posted on HCW(Buy 2 get $1, buy 3 get $2, buy 4 get $4). Well, the cheapest toothbrushes they have are $1.99 , but with our Bogo insert coupons(5-16, 1-3, 12-6 RP) and our $1 off coupons(5-16, 4-11, 3-7, 10-18 RP), this becomes a HOT deal. Imagine my suprise when I stumbled upon THIS sign(notice the coupons hanging off the side)

I took a closer pic of one of the coupons so you could read the AWESOME coupon I found before it was spent!

WOW!!!!!! No other purchase required and just get $3 off PORK. Well, if you notice the expiration date, that would be TODAY! Since this was at ~ 8 pm, I decided I needed to save these poor coupons souls by redeeming them (all 7 of them!) So 2 stores later I had this:

I purchased the Yakisoba since I was in a hurry and I wanted to use $4 catalinas I already had to make my oop as cheap as I could each time. Here are my transactions:
Trans #1
6 Yakisoba .89 each - $1/2 insert = $2.34
4 Reach toothbrushes $1.99 each - 2 bogo - 2 $1 insert = $1.98
1 Pork ribs $4.66 - $3 peelie = $1.66
1 Pork ribs $4.50- $3 peelie = $1.50
1 Pork chops $4.58 - $3 peelie = $1.58
-$4 catalina
-$1.06 tax
$4 oop earned $4 back (catalina machine didn't work so they gave me $4 on a gift card)

Trans #2
(same store so I didn't try the Reach again)
1 Pork chops $4.85 - $3 peelie = $1.85
1 Pork chops $4.85 - $3 peelie = $1.85
1 Pork ribs $5.39 - $3 peelie = $2.39
-$4 oynso catalina
-$1.20 tax
$.89 oop

Trans #3
6 Yakisoba .89 each - $1/2 = $2.34
4 Reach toothbrushes $1.99 each - 2 bogo - 2 $1 = $1.98
1 Pork ribs $3.22 - $3 peelie = .22
-$4 oynso catalina
-.07 tax
$.47 oop
Earned $4 oynso

I basically found $21 worth of free pork tonight!

*another hot deal you might want to get if your stores allow bogo coupons on bogo sales. The Gillette bodywash is bogo, so if you have the bogo coupons from the most recent or prior P&G insert, you get 2 free (YMMV as to whether your stores will allow this)

Also, more posts to come if I just have the time(busy shopping weekend with my mom, but running out of time to post and my new job doesn't allow for much blog time like I used to have :(


J said...

no fair! :-))
Good job, ZM!!

Amanda said...

I was at my local Kroger today and the cheapest reach tooth brushes were on sale for 10/$10 reg $1.99, used 2, $2 IPs got them free and got the $4 CAT !!
I also was peeved that they wouldnt take my "free cookies" IP, which you know you have to buy THREE things to get the cookies "free", a gallon of milk, another any size container of milk, and a bag of cookies, to get one bag free.. my store told me that corporate would not allow them to take internet printables for "free" items.. I dont see how that could be considered a "Free".. the mgr also confirmed they wouldnt take that IP, but yes they would take the rest of my printables! ugh.. I did not buy any of the milk and cookies though, going to walmart to get that!

qbcat said...

At my Kroger they had the toothbrushes on sale 10 for $10.00, so $1.00 ea. I got 4 FREE plus the catalina. Love a good money maker!!! Thanks for the heads up.

Mary S. said...

Wow, you have a great eye for finding coupons. I never would have noticed those coupons hanging off the side. Thanks for the toothbrush deal. I hope I have all those old Reach coupons.
Go Meat!

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