Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pets Mart FREE Sciene Diet Dog Treats -YMMV

Remember my post here? Well, I went to Petsmart and picked up these 5 bags of the Science Diet Treats priced at $2.50 each. Cashier adjusted my coupons down, making them free but while there loading my cart, the Science Diet rep found me and asked how many treats I was buying. I told her 5 and she handed me 5 $1 off coupons for 1 3 lb bag, 1 bag of dog or cat treats or 4 cans of cat food! Well, I have a rebate for up to $10 back when I purchase 12 cans of cat food, so I combined that with the $1 coupons and got all this for ~ $4 after rebate.(I will use these cans as a supplement since Charlie is already devouring her dry Science Diet)
Don't forget to use those Science Diet treat coupons we got this weekend to make some happy canines(these will be going to my mom and sister!)


Maria S. said...

Were you purchasing 5 bags with 4 $3.00 off 1 coupons to try and pay about 50 cents oop? I haven't been to the store yet but was going to try this thinking the coupons would take off a total of $12.00 and the fifth bag would take up the overage. I was going to do this because last time I used a coupon at Petsmart it was for just 1 cent over the item cost and the register showed negative, no beeping coupon, so I though that if I would have had a small amount filler it would have been ok. They did adjust the coupon but I just hate to stall lines, even if it's for seconds.
We donated the last treats we got for free and will do the same with these.

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