Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Deal on Asics

Being a couponer, I am not brand loyal to very many products, but my tennis shoes are an exception. I LOVE Asics. They worked great for me when I was in track and cross country in high school and I still love them. One thing I don't like is the price though. Imagine my happy dance when I opened the paper and saw the sale going on at Famous Footwear! They had Asics advertised for $39.99 each. Not only that, but they currently have a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale. Even better, they have a 20% off coupon in the ad that can be combined with this sale.
Well, I dragged the family out and my husband found him a pair too. First pair rang up $39.99 and the 20% coupon took $8 off. The second pair rang up $39.99 and $20 came off for the 1/2 sale and $4 came off from the 20% off coupon.
My total after tax for 2 pairs of Asics $51.94!
I usually can't even get 1 pair for that price.
If you don't have a Famous Footwear near you, it appears the sale is also available online with the 20% discount and free ground shipping. (The sale is good for ALL items, not just Asics or tennis shoes. I was informed in store, that it even applies to clearance)


Frances said...

Asics ARE awesome shoes!

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