Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Loadable coupons at Randalls(Safeway) 9-8-09

If you have been following my blog long enough, you know how I stress getting those loadable coupons added to your shopper cards! Do you want my secret for those of you with Randalls and Kroger to chose from(those with just Safeway have it a little easier- just load them all just in case!)?
My secret for shortcuts is simple. I load ALL the shortcuts coupons I might have a potential interest in. You never know what coupon you might need and since they don't give you a date cutoff to load like Cellfire, I load whenever I see them.
For Cellfire, I use a slightly different strategy. Since you have to pick either Randalls or Kroger to start, I try to make a trip to the store and scour prices first. If I know something is going to be free at Kroger with a loadable and paper coupon, I will load it when I get home and then add it to my shopping list for the next trip. However, if there are items that are not priced too great, I hold off until the LAST day Cellfire lets me load(that was yesterday, they reset every two weeks) Then, I go into cellfire and load up ALL remaining coupons onto my Randalls card! Why, you ask? Because at Randalls, multiple loadables will come off the same item(see my google document on the right column of this blog for further explanation). Then, the next morning, Cellfire resets(that is TODAY) and I look for duplicates of the coupons I have loaded already. I load those and automatically I know I have twice the savings waiting for me.

After that, I go into shortcuts and look to see if I have any similar coupons to the DOUBLE items on my Cellfire account. I print my Cellfire list and manual write in what I have also on shortcuts.

Next, I go to the coupon database on HCW and look for paper or IP coupons to match these items. After I get those clipped/printed, I head to the store with my list and start pricing items. If I see a good deal, I snatch it up. If not such a good deal, I look at the date on the tag to see if it there is a date that price ends. If so, it has potential to go on an even BETTER sale before my coupons expire. Pictured above is the list of all my Cellfire coupons currently on my Randalls card. This was taken today after my trip to the store. Later tonight, I will let you know what I ended up buying and the deals I got.

So for those of you wondering how I get multiple loadables, this should help clear things up. Simply load everything while available! You might not have doubles right now of items, especially if you are just starting out. But in two weeks, Cellfire will reset, and you will have a list that looks similar to mine.
Another perk to cellfire. If you use a coupon during the loadable timeframe, you can reload it to your other shoppers card. Example, ALL the coupons I used today at Randalls are now waiting in cellfire for me to load onto my Kroger card!


Audrey said...

Question: I have 2 Cellfire nature valley clusters $1 uploaded and 1 Shortcuts nature valley clusters. Will all THREE come off at Randalls? Thanks!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Yes, if you purchase one bag at Randalls, all 3 will come off. Also, for some reason, if you have the granola bar loadables, those come off too at Randalls. Oh, and the NV clusters are currently $3.49 at least in Houston :)

Kimberly said...

Awesome post! You are a great teacher and a great 'sharer' (if that is a word!)

Anonymous said...

I started reading the loadable coupon blog but my head started spinning rather quickly. But here is what I was going to post anyways...I just open up two accounts on each coupon loadable website, 1 for my Kroger card and 1 for my Randalls. I'm sure this post shouldn't get much hate or called called unethical couponing since most people don't seem to have a problem with bloggers and other readers taking winetag coupons from bottles of wine they aren't buying and using the coupons for meat and produce.

fivebees said...

Thank you so much for all the detailed info! I am still working towards coupon utopia....tons of stuff for little money. Seems like I am a slow learner! :)

How do you organize your coupons, flyers, loadables etc?

Thank you for all the time you put in your site.

Jessica in Keller

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Thanks for the kind words Jessica. I actually have a terrible filing system that only I understand, lol. I do a combination of binders, filing by insert date, and envelope method. I have coupons EVERYWHERE and most the time I am a wreck trying to find them.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing.
I wish I had a cell phone! And, I guess a printer too, since it's been out a few months now. I'm just doing the best I can without that, and still saving. Since I don't have kids at home anymore to feed it's not too bad.
Since you confess you have a large coupon mess, I feel much better! My house is small and no room for even stocking up. One bedroom with all my knitting stash (yarn that is) is now covered in freebie/almost freebie deals! I have 4 boxes in the hallway with shampoos & cereals & stuff! Kathryn

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