Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cellfire Has Reset today and Cellfire Promo Sneak Peak for Thursday

Cellfire has reset their loadable coupons today. I was excited to see many of the same coupons this cycle.  If you loaded them last time, you should have most coupons now.  Last time I went to Randalls and purchased a single item for a loadable, both loadables came off doubling my savings.  I don't know if this a glitch or not, but that is what happened. (I posted about that here)
The policy is that you cannot combine paper coupons with electronic coupons so I did not use my insert or printable coupons, but this came out just as good anyway :)
I always load ALL the coupons to my Randalls card since their register will let me choose my loadables OR my paper coupon (unlike Kroger forcing you to use loadable if you load them).  If I don't see the coupons come off my order, I just have them apply my paper coupons instead.

Just head over here to load your coupons. Then don't forget to head over to Shortcuts and load those coupons up too for even more savings.  I am eager to see if both the Bisquick coupons come off in combination with the Randalls insert coupon, since that technically should be allowed (store coupon combined with manuf. coupons)

And, be sure to head back to Cellfire on Thursday if you are a Safeway affiliate(Safeway and Dominics excluded) or Kroger shopper!  They are going to hold a promo where you will earn a .55 or $3 coupon oynso just for logging in!!!!!  There is nothing better than FREE money.  Don't worry, I will post tomorrow night reminding you to log in on Thursday to earn your free coupon.

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