Sunday, November 20, 2011

WOW! Philips Norelco SensoTouch razor of under $20 - after rebate

Oh wow, I doubt Black Friday can beat this deal on this Philips Norelco SensoTouch Razor.
Regular price is $99.99 but right now Amazon has it marked down to $79.97. They are also offering a clippable $30 off coupon(just like the ones we have in the inserts), bringing the price down to $49.97, and free Super Saver Shipping.

After receiving the razor, you can fill out and mail this rebate for $30 back (you actually have until Dec 31st to purchase the razor and Jan 12 to mail in the offer, so if you are giving this to a loved one, you can give the gift then take the UPC for the rebate :P)
That brings to cost of this razor down to just $19.97! Wow, that is a super hot deal that I am totally jumping on.  I remember buying my dh's last razor 8 Black Friday's ago.  I remember because I was a pregnant lady standing in line at Best Buy for the new and greatest Braun razor.  While this razor is still decent, he has not had new blades in all that time and that Braun requires expensive cleaning solution, so I really want to get away from that!

*Edit, I just completed my order and I was not even charged tax and razor will arrive no later that Dec. 5th. woo hoo, done shopping for the hubs :D!

Thanks Hip2Save.

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Anonymous said...

out of stock. you can still order but it wont show a shipping date.

Maria S. said...

Anon, you might be happy they are out of stock after you read many of the comments on's post. Several people called cs about the rebate and were told they could either get the $30.00 off when ordering OR the $30.00 rebate, not both, I immediately cancelled my order. If you are still interested in trying to get both the $30.00 off and rebate,and want the item soon without wondering when/if it will ship, go to to find out how to get a similar deal at Walmart.

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Maria, unless the form states you cannot use both, they will have a tough time rejecting the requests. Also in our inserts was a $30 coupon and the mention of the rebate website implying they allow the use of both. Granted I might have to argue with them on it, but that is why consumer protection laws are in place.

Maria S. said...

The rebate form does state "May not be combined with other offers", so I'm really thinking that if any kind of discount, etc. shows up on the receipt sent in, the rebate won't be honored. I ordered it through, after cancelling through Amazon, and the Walmart $30 egiftcard shows up on the invoice so I have major doubts mine will be honored.

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

I really do not think it is going to be an issue since Philips knows people will combine the coupon with the rebate, since that is what they "suggest" you do in the coupon advertising.

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