Friday, November 11, 2011

HEB - Some Deals I scored today!

One of these deals is a beautiful combination of two promotions that merge together. Hopefully I can explain without confusing.

The Jimmy Dean sausage links or patties(they had turkey too) are $2.98 each
When you buy two, you can get free 1 dozen eggs and free Heb tortillas with the in store YQ

The De Wafelbakkers pancakes are $2.66 each and you get a free 59 oz of HEB Orange Juice with the in store YQ for each you buy

Go to De Wafelbakkers facebook page and print the $1 off coupon
Go here and print the $2 off Jimmy Dean wyb 1 59 oz of Orange Juice(filter by food)

So pick up
2 Jimmy Dean $5.96
2 De Wafelbakkers pancakes $5.32
2 HEB OJ $5
1 dozen eggs $2.25
1 HEB tortillas $1.68
-$2.25 YQ for eggs
-$1.68 YQ for tortillas
-$5 - 2 YQ for free OJ wyb pancakes
-$4 - 2 IP for Jimmy Dean wyb OJ
-$2 - 2 IP for pancakes
=$5.28 for 8 items or .66 an item!!!!  (thanks SD buds for this scenario, worked perfect, no beeps!)

3 Challenge Butter $2.69
-$1 YQ each

4 Vicks cough drops .99 each
-$1 insert 10-30 P&G

9 Wet and Wild nailpolish .99 each
1 Wet and Wild concealer $1.49
-$5 off $10 Wet and Wild All You magazine coupon
-$5 - 5 $1/2 Wet and Wild "B" in store YQ

If you are a fan of Aveeno, I also noticed these $2 off coupons.  The $2.50 priced ones are within the size restrictions making them .50 each.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Anonymous said...

After printing out the coupons for the pancakes and Jimmy Dean/orange juice, I finally found all the items at an HEB. I planned to use the MQs first, so I first gave him the Jimmy dean/OJ ones for $2. Well, it beeped, saying not in correct family or something, but he entered it manually. But then the pancake qs wouldn't scan, and he called over the manager. She said if an internet printed q wouldn't scan, they wouldn't take it. While she was saying this, he reversed the two $2 qs he'd just manually entered. And then the pancake qs went through without a beep. Anyway, that breakfast deal was killed because the manager just wouldn't let me use the $2 qs. Did this coupon beep for y'all too?

Casey said...

Wow, what a great deal! So amazed at you figuring out such a smart way to put all the coupons together!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, the coupons didn't beep for me so I am not sure why they did for you.
Casey, as I stated, the wonderful SD HEB shoppers figured this deal out not me.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if you give the manf or the YQ first? Also, could I use a De Waflebakkers free product coupon to sweeten this even more?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

It shouldn't matter the order, but I did give the YQs first. You could use a free de WAflebakkers in place of one of the $1 coupons for even more savings yes

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks Stephanie!

KC said...

Wow, when will this deal end? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

After failing at the first HEB because of the Jimmy Dean/OJ q beeping, I went to another HEB tonight only to find the pancakes not on the freezer shelf; but, I went late at night and the night stockers were beginning to stock, and they had a box of the pancakes about to be put in the freezer! They didn't have the ready to bake tortillas in stock, but i just substituted some HEB whole wheat tortillas (1.38) and they were OK with that. This time, I gave them the pancake qs first, and THEN the Jimmy Dean/OJ qs next, which did again say that the family didn't match or something. But he checked to make sure my OJ was 5x ounces, (yes), and made sure I'd gotten the correct JD,(yes), and put the $2 qs in manually. Then I thought the deal would again be killed when he looked at the YQ for free OJ and said "It says here it cannot be combined with any other offer, and you already used the other q for the OJ/Jimmy Dean" i said "Oh.." and then he said "but if it scans, I'll take it". It scanned, and everything was great. I paid $6.48 for all because I also got a tube of Aveeno lotion for 2.98 less the $2 YQ (not 2.49 here in Austin); btw that Aveeno lotion is the best for dry hands which is why I paid real money for it!

Anonymous said...

My deal was killed too because ofthe invalid poup and beep. The checker said they are not allowed to push it through if it beeps. This was the barker cypress store. Which stores are they not beeping at? Also does anyoneknowif it matter what zip code you use I'm thinking it beeps because I used an outof state zip and HEB is a texas only store? Any thoughts on that?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

The upc should be the same regardless of what zip code you used. I used 77077 to print mine and I shopped at the Mission Bend HEB with zero beeps. I really am baffled as to why the coupons are beeping for everyone else? Mine sailed right through.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback, Stephanie. Yeah,I am stumped, too, but i will say that I have had very little luck using IP's at this HEB.

Anonymous said...

I have two HEB's near me (sorta) but they are out of my usual errand/shopping path and so to pick up the usually two or three great deals they have would not be worth it for me (in time & gas). I do love their great deals though when I happen to be in that area!

Anonymous said...

went to the bunker hill heb and tried this deal but my pancake q's would not work. i tripled up on everything tho bc this was a really good deal that i didnt want to pass up, plus we go through so much orange juice and eggs. so i got 6 pancakes, 6 jd, 3 dzn eggs, 6 oj and some syrup. none of the pancake q's worked and 3 of the 6 jd q's worked. that was strange that 3 jd q went through just fine and 3 wouldnt. they did not overide the ones that didnt work. handed yellow q first, then man qs so i ended up paying 37 for the transaction, not bad, but the extra 10 off would have been nice too. did not like the cashier (linh) who gave me and attitude. she asked, "why are you buying so much of the same thing, arent you going to get tired of eating the same thing everyday?" it shouldnt matter how i am spending my money. i think i will send corporate a note on her

Angiecg75 said...

my store didn't have the same buy/get sale, and i've looked online at 4 different zip codes near my home and work, and can't find it in their online circular. since i already had everything in my cart yesterday i ended up spending $15 for everything... EEK! Oh well, $15 for about 25 breakfasts for my daughters is not bad, but it would have been much better with the buy/get sales. :(

Anonymous said...

bunker hill heb post cont...i forgot to mention that i also bought 6 challenge butters with this transaction. so $37 for 6 butters, 6 pancakes, 6 jimmy dean, 6 oj, 3 dozen eggs, and 1 syrup.. errr...should have been $25 with the other q's. for those of you who still want to get the butter deal, there is an internet q for .55 off any challenge butter product and it worked just fine w the promo they have going on. so cheap butter =) the webpage says off tuscan spreadable butter, but it prints out as off any challenge butter.

Kim said...

I went this evening & did this deal. I had 4 coupons the first two Jimmy Dean scanned fine the other two wouldn't scan. Thankfully my cashier figured out the problem because the manager was not going to accept them if they didn't scan (store policy now) anyway I had two JD turkey sausage patties & two JD turkey crumbles & even tho the coupon said I could get the crumbles the register wouldn't take it. So I just exchanged them for two more JD patties & it took them. So maybe it's just certain varities that make the reg. beep. Thanks for the butter coupon anony. And thank you for this blog Stephannie, you put up awesome deals & it's not the same deals you see over & over throughout the other coupon blogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Austin area and posted before about how all of my Jimmy Dean / OJ qs beeped at 2 different stores. I got the original Jimmy Dean patties both times. But it sounds like, for those who were able to use the coupon on half of the items, that the coupon is actually scanning for 2 items instead of 1. What is the value code on the coupon?
It should only scan on one item since you only have to buy 1 Jimmy Dean, and the code on the coupon, I did notice, matched the Jimmy Dean family code. Maybe someone who still has the coupon can tell us what the value code on the coupon is.

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