Sunday, November 27, 2011

MyPoints and OpenSky Deal- best deal through Monday

There is a pretty HOT deal right now on Mypoints if you choose to join OpenSky.  Mypoints is a reward program where you can earn points by clicking on emails or buying online.  You can read about it on my post here.
OpenSky is a Daily Deal site.
Well, Mypoints is offering 50 points just for you to join Opensky.  (it costs you nothing, so why not join). When you do, you will get a $15 credit on Opensky for a purchase.  If you choose something to purchase before the end of the day tomorrow, you will also get free shipping.
Mypoints is even offering you an additional 3500 points after making your first purchase on OpenSky.  That means, you can earn 3550 points right away with $15 off the purchase of an item on Opensky.
3550 points will get you a $25 gift card at several locations(Gap, Macys etc), or $20 at several others (Home Depot, CVS, etc)

Use your $15 to purchase something cheap on OpenSky and then cash out your Mypoints for the $25 gift card and you have come out ahead.

Just a note about Opensky.  I have been a member for awhile now and the more curators you add to your follow list, the more emails you get flooded with.  Just make sure when you are done with your purchases, you either delete your curators or have them limit the emails (I was getting at least 20 emails a day!)

You could choose these Sticky Bellies sticker and spend nothing out of pocket*
*I cannot find the fine print on the mypoints site to determine if you actually have to spend money after the $15 credit to get your bonus 3500 points.

Thanks WhoSaidNothinginLifeisFree.

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