Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Has your Facebook Feed been Missing KatyCouponers posts?

Has your facebook feed been missing a little of this blog lately?
I was just informed by my buddy over at Colie's Kitchen, that she has missed the last couple weeks of my blog posts thanks to the NEW Facebook.
So for those of you that have wondered if I fell off the face of the Earth, #1 NO - even though you might have wished I had! #2 I have been trying super hard to post more and more, especially with the holiday deals coming around #3 OK, I have no number 3 but I learned in high school you shouldn't number a list unless you have a #3!

So, how do you get my feed back on your facebook if you have Liked my page?

In the left most column under your picture, you should be able to find your News Feed, click on it

In the center column of facebook you should see this sort option, click on it to see the drop down menu

The drop down menu will look like this and you will want to choose Recent Stories First
This should open up a whole new world of facebook you have been missing out on since they did the last round of changes.  Maybe your bff that you thought was avoiding you really was just hidden behind this wall of "show me what facebook thinks I give a dang about sort"

Thanks to Amber from Colie's Kitchen for letting me know that some of you have lost me and thanks to Hip2Save for the screen shots on how to fix it(my new computer lacks snag it right now, so you were a world of help!)

Lost readers, I would love a comment to let me know you have found me again because of this post :)

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