Monday, November 7, 2011

HOT!!! Cheap Legos at Target

Well, unfortunately for me my days are getting longer at work and that is taking me away from my blog more often than I like.
I was able to run a quick trip at lunch to Target to grab some Legos for a coupon bud but this is the first time I have gotten a chance to post about it.  I took the second picture in my car to show the different varieties but was just too darn busy.  Then we took my mom and husband out to dinner for their birthday, so sorry for the delay.  If you are lucky, you might still be able to find a few of these lego sets up near the checkouts of your local Target.  They are ringing up 90% off so just .39 each.  These would be great for stocking stuffers or to use for goodie bags at birthday parties.  I found all these varieties rang up at 90% off, but the Harry Potter and Toy Story still ring full price.

You might want to scout out the Halloween clearance while there.  I was able to find a few Rose Art activity sets 90% off that are really cool (sand art and finger puppets)

Thanks JennS for the heads up on these, I am sure Imm will be happy with the ones I got her :)

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Courtney said...

Thanks! Got a few last night :)

Anonymous said...

someone went to the sugarland target and emptied all the legos from every checkout! not cool!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

When I was there at lunch they had tons, I went to every register to check varieties but there were at least 100 there when I left

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I got to purchase tons for Operation Shoebox for Lakewood Church !

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