Sunday, November 20, 2011

HOT!!! Charmin Basic Toilet Paper for .11 a roll!!!!! - Dollar General

So I went to Dollar General today to take advantage of the .15/can Libby's vegetables (after $1/4 insert 8-28 or 11-13 RP) and stumbled upon an awesome deal on toilet paper.

First, I saw this ad for the Charmin Basic 16 double rolls for just $6.50.  Using the $2 blinkies found at Kroger, I thought hmm .14 a regular roll of Charmin is not bad, and seriously, toilet paper doesn't go bad right?
Well, you can imagine my suprise, when I stumbled upon this:

WOW!  4 bonus rolls or the equivalent of 40 regular rolls of toilet paper.  The sign on these stated $10.50 but I said what the heck, that is what price checks are for correct?
So I hurried up to the register and asked for a price check and the manager uttered the magic words $6.50 ma'am!  YES!  That makes them just .11 a roll!!!!! SWEET!

*While you should be able to price match the Libby's vegetables at Walmart or Target(assuming they carry them), I don't think you will be able to price match this bonus pack since it is not the one in the ad.  So hurry to your Dollar General and check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I was able to get 16 cans of vegetables. Im a new couponer so I didnt have veggies yet. There were plenty left on the shelf too. I have a small household so I won't have to buy veggies for a while.

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