Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walgreens final Sally Hansen Run on Saturday

Wanted to roll the Sally Hansen RR a little more yesterday since it was the last day. I found a few more coupons, so it made for quite a bit of overage and I really wanted to check out the clearances I have Walgreens has been having. This was again at multiple stores I was passing while running my errands. One store, my transaction was very high because they would not let me use a $5 RR along with the $5 Sally Hansen(my trans in that case was $5.70). I did a total of 7 transactions and used the $5 Sally Hansen RR each time.
*Sally Hansen ranged in price from 1.19 to 1.55 depending on the store. I used both .50 and $1 insert coupons
Total oop for all pictured: $9.68 in gift card money and $3 RR but got back
$6 in RR from the Carefree($2 register rewards 3 times)
so $6.68 cost for everything
4 pack Duck packaging tape clearanced for $2.59
4 Scotch moving boxes(not pictured) clearanced for $.82 - .50 insert 7-26 RP= .32 each
8 Ghiradelli chocolate bars clearanced for .57 -.50 Walgreens Sept booklet = .07 each
3 Walgreens Ibuprofen $2
1 20 oz Diet Dp (not pictured) $1.49
1 M&M .89 (filler)
21 Sally Hansen nail polish $1.19-$1.55 each - insert coupons= varied
3 Carefree ultra protection $1.99 - $1 insert 8-30 SS = .99 each but earned $2 RR
4 Pullups clearanced for $2.89 - $2 insert 8-16 SS = .89 each
1 Pullups clearanced for $5.74 - $2 insert 8-16 SS= 3.74
3 Starbucks clearanced for $2.39 each^
^Each bag has an offer for you to bring the empty bag into any Starbucks for a free cup of coffee! My dh is going to LOVE that.


Emily said...

Wow, which walgreens did you go to? The Pull Ups prices seem too good to be true.

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