Sunday, September 27, 2009

Target run on Saturday

Total oop for everything pictured: $4.35

I was out and about on Saturday on other errands, so stopped in at a couple Targets I was passing along the way. The prices varied a little on some items, but here is a rough breakdown, for at least the coupons I used to get the items:

40 Cesar Bistro dog foods .89 each - bogo insert 8-30 RP - bogo insert 9-13 RP Target = FREE
24 Fancy Feast Appetizers 1.29 each - bogo insert 9-13 RP (these beep?) - bogo IP Target= FREE
2 Pop tarts $1.46 each - $2/2 insert 8-30 RP - $1 IP Target= -.08
5 Purina One $5.89-5.99 each - $3 insert 9-13 RP - $2 IP Target= .99 each
1 Bounce dryer bar $3.74 - $1.50 vocalpoint homemailer - $1.50 insert 8-23 RP Target = .74
9 Schick Quattro Women's razors $7.49-$7.79 each - $4 insert 8-23 SS - $4 insert 8-30 Target = -.51- -.21 each
2 Schick Quattro cartridges $9.19-9.29 each - $4 insert 8-23 SS - $4 insert 8-30 Target = $1.19-1.29 each

Most these prices should still be good just not sure on the Pop tarts or the Bounce dryer bar. The FF Appetizers are now $1.22, though it does not matter since they are bogo coupons.


Jennifer said...

OMG! I need to get to Target! What great deals they are having right now!

Anonymous said...

where do you get vocal point coupons? is it a website?

also are you going to cvs or walgreens to take advantage of any of the pg sales
i always learn so much from you.


Kristie said...

Hi Stephanie!
Where were you able to find the smaller bags of purina one? I have been to a few targets and they only have the 8lb ones and larger

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Kristie, the Purina One were at several Targets but these are all cat food(I didn't look to see if they have smaller bags for dog food)

Anonymous said...

where do you get vocal point coupons printed from. can you please show me the site. it seems like vocal point is a pretty good site for coupons


momreno said...

Did they let you do all of this in one transaction? They always give me a hard time about only useing one target coupon on like items per transaction. You made out with lots of great stuff. Good job, now only if it would work for me that would be nice.

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