Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mabel's Labels Review

I was given the opportunity to try Mabel’s Labels and I have to say I am HOOKED! As most my readers know I have little ones in Montessori school and EVERYTHING has to be labeled, from their clothing, shoes and even the lunch containers and lids. A label maker just does NOT do the trick for these items since they either irritate my children's skin, fall off the lunch items during the wash or just fade the name altogether from the heat of the dishwasher. And let's admit it, using sharpie fades and just looks terrible. This is where Mabel's Labels has come to my rescue. The wonderful ladies at Mabel’s Labels gave me an opportunity to sample their Ultimate Back-to-School Combo. This limited time only combo pack (this combo is only available until September 25th) allows you to customize the colors, the icon and the name(up to 20 letters). There are 4 combinations of colors to choose from and seeing as I have two very girly girls, I chose Cotton Candy, pictured above, for my color scheme. I also happened to chose the butterfly icon as pictured above since we call my little one our little Flutterby, but Mabel’s Labels has 48 different icons to choose from making it easy to customize to suit your child's interest.
This particular combo comes with
50 Tag-Mates - peel and stick these to the tags of your child's clothing,
40 Skinny-Minis - these are perfect for school supplies, dishes, toys, etc.
16 Shoe Labels - goes on the insole of the shoe
2 NEW Teeny Tags - metal tags for bags, pencil cases, etc

I do have to admit, I was rather skeptical when I saw that the shoes labels went on the insole and thought there was No way these would hold up. I was willing to give them a try though since nothing else I have been doing has been working. They are GREAT! After a week of my daughter using them and playing outside twice a day(in the TEXAS heat!) they look as good as the day I put them in her shoes.
I placed the Skinny Minis on the little Corningware dishes I have for the kids warmups for lunch(both lid and dish). These have gone through the microwave and dishwasher and the tags have zero wear and tear! They look just as good and vibrant as the day I got them in the mail. I must admit, my older daughter is jealous since I just got the younger ones name on the tags, so looks like I will be placing an order for the older daughter, lol.
I played on their website too and they also make tags for the house. They have labels for your kitchen, crafting products, even labels for power cords.
And for those parents with children with severe allergies(hey Greenie), they even make Allergy Alert labels and Wristbands. These would be especially helpful when a child might be dropped off at a camp, pool or other event where the adults around might not be aware of the child's allergies. They also donate 10% of the proceeds of the wristbands to Autism Speaks.
If you are looking for labels, I highly recommend you give Mabel’s Labels a look.

Disclosure: Mabel’s Labels provided me with this combo pack so that I may write a product review. My product review is an expression of my own honest opinion based on my experience trying this product, and is not reviewed or edited by Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Labels does not compensate me in any other way for this product review, nor do I get compensated for any sales.


Rose C said...

I've ordered labels there when my daughter was born and they are great. They last a long time and survive the dishwasher and microwave. I need to order more...thanks for sharing the info.

Budget Bella said...

Thanks for the review .. I have a daughter with a peanut allergy and a daughter with a dairy allergy, so these will be great to use when they attend MOD next year!

Greenie said...

Thanks!! I bookmarked her site. Maybe one day I'll let my lil' allergic kid out of the bubble I keep him in :)

I like both the bracelet and alert stickers, such a good idea!!

Anonymous said...

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