Monday, September 21, 2009

Great Youth Carseat at an Unbeatable price- BRITAX

Amazon is having a closeout on this pattern of Britax Regent (Sahara) carseat right now. This carseat retails for $250 but right now you can get it for an unbelievable $164.13. If you are looking for a very safe, very easy to use carseat for your toddler, you need to JUMP on this deal. I actually have two of this seat(one in this color and one in pink) and I LOVE it.
When looking for carseats I wanted a 5 point harness seat that would hold my kids until they would no longer need a seat. I have to tell you, there are not many 5 point harness seats that hold a child up to 80 lbs. My dh and I actually joke that our little girls will be in these seats until they are driving,lol! (I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old)

If you are looking for a forward facing carseat for your above 1 year (must weigh at least 22 lbs), trust me, this is a GREAT seat. I just wish I could have gotten my two at such a GREAT price. And there is FREE shipping right now.


Nena said...

Thanks for posting this great deal! I just want to point out that our little ones should be kept rear facing until they are at least two, that is what the AAP is recommending now as it is 5 times safer. But if your child is 2 or older, this is a steal!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Thanks for the update on the new safety guidelines. My kiddos are 3 and 5 so been forward for a while now and they LOVE these seats.

Anonymous said...

awesome. I waited until the last minute a week ago when Target had them for $179.99 on-line only and the price was already back up to regular when I finally made my mind up. I only wish these reclined because my just-turned 4 year old still fall asleep in the car if we are out for awhile, like going to the beach, etc. I was going to get one of these to hold on to since he will have to be in a car seat for longer now in Texas (which is fine with me that it's now the law & not just me wanting it), and buy the marathon so he can still be more comfortable when he gets tired.

Anonymous said...

... shoot ... isn't it always the way, GREATTTTT deal, but no extra money in the bank!

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