Friday, September 11, 2009

Kroger Mega Event Coming!!!! Sept 16-Sept 29

Today, I received a home mailer informing me of another Mega Event coming up at Kroger. This one includes Kraft and Nestle products. When you purchase 10 participating items in a single transaction, you will get $5 taken off your order instantly! My home mailer does not say whether there is a limit per transaction, so I will have to get that information when our ad breaks next Wednesday.
I was fortunate enough to hear word of this sale already so I have started getting a google document together with prices. Keep in mind, these prices are everyday prices and may not reflect sale prices we are bound to have for this sale. As soon as I get to see the ad, or make it to the store on next Wednesday, I will be revising the document.
Start getting your coupons clipped and a reminder. If you are NOT getting these home mailers, you really should call the number on the back of your Kroger card and get signed up. My home mailer came with 6 coupons that will work on this sale.

EVEN better! There is a $20 rebate with Nabisco that will work GREAT with this mega event.
Purchase 10 Nabisco cookies or crackers, 5 Capri Suns or Kool aid Jammers and 5 Easy Mac cups, earn $20! Might make for some FREE food!


southerninspiration said...



Kimberly said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Fun times with the Larsen's said...

Thank you!!

Site Owner said...

I got mine on Thursday too!! My DH rolled his eyes and said "here w go again!" LOL Poor DH. I don't have a driving license yet so he has to drive me everywhere!!

Misty said...

I got a huge pack of Nestle coupons in the mail earlier this week, but no Kroger home mailer yet, I will be watching the mail today. Thanks!! :)

$aving Along the Way! said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Are all the products on your google doc. part of the mega sale?



Ashley B. said...

I'm so confused! When is this sale starting? Many other sites have put the sale from 9/13-9/19 or starting today 9/15. I'm guessing for Houston it doesn't start until 9/16 tomorrow. But some of the Kraft cheese coupons are going to expire today, that's a bummer! Please let us know if for some reason its starting today.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Chrissy, all the products listed are part of the mega sale, but all the sizes might not be. When the sale starts, we will know more of the sizes that are participating.

Ashley, the sale starts for us on Wednesday. Other regions sales start Sunday hence the different dates listed.

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