Friday, September 11, 2009

Great News for Target shoppers

I know several of my readers vent their frustration at shopping at Target. It seems some Target locations make up new rules every time you go into the store. That might not change entirely, but the good news is Target has finally decided to clearly post their coupon acceptance policy directly on their website. Before, you had to email them for it and that presented issues of disbelief from the cashiers. Now, you can just go to the website, print it and take it with you, and if you have disputes, ask the employees to go to the help section of their own website to see the policy if they don't believe you.
Enjoy and happy shopping!


Site Owner said...

thanks for this, it will come in handy ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. I was just wondering if you have tried searching for the coupon policy and actually found it or if this link was provided to you directly and not found by searching I'm not questioning the validity, it's just that I keep trying to search for the coupon policy without using the provided link and cannot find it. From experience, I can just imagine the policy still being questioned and me being told that I somehow created the print-out and it not being official. This is why I tried searching, and under the "help" section for "coupon policy", "coupon", "coupons", and other different ways I could think of that should bring the policy up, but nothing comes up. The only time I can find the coupon policy is through the direct link provided in a couple of blogs. Just wondering, thank you

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Great question anon.
The path is as follows: -> Help-> Store + Merchandise information (under heading our stores+ company) -> Target Stores Coupon Policy

I hope this helps you.

Site Owner said...

I actually printed it out this morning ... and would you believe it had to use it this morning too!!

They wouldn't take one of TG Qs as it would bring my transaction to zero. They gave me TGq back. So I went straight to guest services and they didn't have a clue! I even said you have signs next toevery register saying you take one MQ and one Tq per item ... in the end THEY PAID ME $0.49 cents!!! I'll put the transaction on my blog later.

Thanks so much for that coupon policy link though ZM!!

Budget Bella

Anonymous said...

Tried to use a couple of different man Qs today at the Target in Katy. Machine beeped and said Item not here/found. Manager said the with the new machine upgrades if the computer doesn't accept it then they cant take it. We even discussed if it was a price difference but he said they would either auto adjust or the cashier would manually adjust. Ended up not getting those things.

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