Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kroger Mega Deal highlights

The Kroger Mega deal starts Wednesday and someone finally has a sneak peek at the ad.
There are a couple items that stand out for this sale. Keep in mind, you must purchase 10 participating items to get the pricing listed here. You can mix and match and I am unsure if Kroger has put a limit on the number of rewards per transaction this time.

Here are some items that I see potential:

Buitoni Angel Hair or Fettuccine pasta selected 9oz varieties .99 each
- $1 printable
or $1 6-21 SS(Houston did not get this coupon)

Purina One cat food $4.49
- $3 insert 9-13 RP
= $1.49

Oscar Mayer hot dogs $1.49
- $1/2 insert 8-23 SS
= .99 each

Capri Sun $1.49
-.75 Kraft magazine(home mailer)
= .74

Velveeta cups $.50
-b2g1 coupon found in boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese
= $1/3

Easy mac cups $.50
-$1/5 tearpad
= $1.50/5

Wheat Thins $1.99
- $1 printable
-$1 for Firefox users
= $.99 each

Nabisco Saltines $1.49
- $1/2 insert 8-23 SS
= $ .99 each

Ritz $1.99
-$1/2 insert 8-23 SS
= $1.49
*If you are getting Ritz, you can also use this coupon to get Crackerfuls:
Nabisco Crackerfuls Filled Crackers, Any (1) 6 Oz. + Free WYB (1) Ritz Crackers, Any 13.66 Oz. To 16 Oz. (One Coupon Per Person, Per Transaction) - 08-23-09 SS - valid up to $3.49 (Thanks Mike!)

Oreos $2.47
-$1/2 insert 8-23 SS
=$1.97 each

Also, if you signed up for the Nabisco book I blogged about here , then you should find a $20 rebate form. To get this rebate you need to purchase 5 Capri Sun or Kool Aid jammers, 5 Easy Mac cups and 10 Nabisco cookies or crackers. One scenario using the items from the mega sale as an example:
2 Oreos $1.97 x 2
2 Saltines .99 x 2
2 Wheat Thins .99 x 2
2 Ritz $1.49 x 2
2 Nabisco go cups(not part of mega deal) $1 x 2
5 Easy mac cups $1.50
5 Capri sun(assuming you have 1 coupon) .74 + $1.49 x 4
2 Buitoni(free with printable and to get round out 20 items for mega deal)
Final cost : $21.08 and send for the $20 rebate.

*If you are getting the Ritz and have the free Nabisco Crackerfuls crackers, you could just NOT get the Go Cups and so your new total would be $19.08. So AFTER the cost of your stamp, you would get everything FREE!

Of course there are cheaper ways of doing this, but this gives you an idea of what you can do combining this mega sale with the rebate.
If I see any hidden finds at the store, I will let you know.


Cat said...

I thought the weight on the Nabisco cups was not enough to qualify for the $20 rebate. Haven't gotten my form yet so don't know for sure.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

The Chips Ahoy and Oreo cups are exactly 4 oz(min size according to rebate). The Teddy Grahams and Ritz Bits are too small.

your favorite male couponer said...

ZM if you are already planning on getting Ritz, you may want to get some of Nabisco Crackerfuls Filled Crackers, Any (1) 6 Oz. + Free WYB (1) Ritz Crackers, Any 13.66 Oz. To 16 Oz. (One Coupon Per Person, Per Transaction) - 08-23-09 SS - valid up to $3.49

Samantha said...

I have $1/3 blinkies on the Capri Sun. That is what I am planning on using to get them for $1.16 each. Decent price for me and I will use them towards the rebate. I already used my Kraft Foods one during the Tom Thumb sale a few weeks back! :-)

Budget Bella said...

do you know when the hefty zoo plate/bowls ends $1/1??

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Zoo Pals sale ended Tuesday Sept 15, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Boooo :P

Oh well .. I had managed to get 5 free so shouldn't complain ... but BOO!

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