Monday, September 7, 2009

Walgreens deals week of Sept. 6

On my way back into town I asked my husband to stop at the Walgreens around the corner. I had been clipping my coupons all weekend and wanted to take advantage of some freebies before they sold out. Here is what I got:

5 Starbucks ice cream $3 each - $2 insert 6-21 SS

1 Glade Sense and Spray $5.99 - $4 insert 8-23 SS

2 Glade oil candles $2 each - $2 coupon from previous package

2 Snickers dark(fillers) 2/$1.59

-$3 RR and - $4 RR

Paid $1.58 oop and got back

$5 RR from purchasing $15 worth of Starbucks

$2 RR from purchasing Glade Sense & Spray

$1 RR from purchasing 2 Glade oil candles

So my final tally: $3+$4+$1.58 -$5-$2-$1 = $0.58


Anonymous said...

That's a great deal! Have you noticed that some of the Walgreens are not letting you have your RR if you pay with a RR? Even though its a totally different product. Just wondering if they're doing that anywhere else. Im in the Pearland area.

Anonymous said...

hi, i also just got oil candle holders-and now they do not come with a candle in them-kinda a bummer hu!

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