Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walgreens deals this week

I actually did these deals yesterday, but was too tired to get it posted.

Trans #1:
2 Neosporin on the Go $3.99 each - $4($2 Wags coloring book coupon-found in pharmacy or by coloring books) - 2 x .50 insert 8-23 SS(there is a $1 IP but I didn't have it yesterday) = $2.98
3 One a Day 2 pack $.99 each
-$5 RR from prior purchases

Total oop $.95 and earned $3 RR from Neosporin and $3 RR from One a Day

Trans #2:
2 Triaminic Nighttime Cold & Cough $5 each - $4($2 from Wags Health savings booklet found in the pharmacy) = $6
Used the 2 $3 RR earned from the first transaction

Total oop = $0 and earned 2 $5 RR from Triaminic *Note, this was apparantly a glitch in the system(or an overlapping promo that has ended) and only 1 $5 RR is printing now

Trans # 3
2 Neosporin on the Go $3.99 each - $4($2 Wags coloring book coupon-found in pharmacy or by coloring books) - 2 x .50 insert 8-23 SS(there is a $1 IP but I didn't have it yesterday) = $2.98
3 Sally Hansen hard as nails $2.29 each - $1 insert 8-23 RP = $3.87
-$5 RR from prior purchase
$1.85 oop and earned $3 RR for Neosporin and a $5 off Sally Hansen product RR


Anonymous said...


i was wondering if the walgreens cashier's take the walgreens coloring book coupon after your transaction. i was just wondering before i went and bought the neosporin and other items that are in the coloring book. thanks for the post. i can't wait till i go to walgreens.


Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Lisa, I had the coloring books from prior purchases so not sure. I would ask your cashier to be sure. I usually use the coloring books as my fillers when I have nothing else, as there are many GREAT coupons in there that do not expire until March of next year.

PKowis said...

Can you tell me were to find these coloring books? I go all the time and I can never find these.

Ashley B. said...

I went to WAGS yesterday in Houston and found the One a Days 2 packs for $0.25!! I had asked the manager where they were and told me in the clearance section on an endcap. I bought a total of 8 in 3 transactions and paid $2 but got back $13 in RR!!! I have found the coloring books by the pharmacy, ask a manager or pharmacist. There's supposedly a Walgreens Health Savings booklet (sorta like the September coupon book) that several bloggers are talking about but I can't find ANY in Houston! Please let me know if anyone has found it in the Houston area, even my sister in law has looked in Sugar Land area as well.

Anonymous said...

after you bought the neosporin did the cashier take the coupon from the coloring book or let you keep it.
i only bought one coloring book. can you use the coupons in the coloring book like the september coupon booklets located in front of the store. in other words can you keep the same coupon you used from the coloring books or does the cashier take them from you after they scan it. it sure would save me from buying more coloring books. thanks for all your help.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

They have taken my coloring book coupon each time. Not sure, but you might be able to ask to keep it since it is a Walgreens coupon. I don't mind purchasing the coloring books because I think they will make great stocking stuffers and have growth charts in them too :)

Ashley B. said...

Hi Anon, most cashiers take the wags coupons. A month or so ago they had a sale on the bandaids and I used the coupon in the coloring book for them, but they gave that coupon back to me or just scanned it right out of the book. It just depends on the cashier. When I bought my coloring book the other day I told them I was buying the book but wanted to use the coupon in the same transaction and they said fine. YAY!...I also FINALLY found the WAGS Healh Savings coupon book today!!!

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