Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yay! Free Music!

I have to admit I am way old school when it comes to listening to music. Where as everyone has MP3 players(I don't own one), I have a cd player, a tape player, shoot I even still have a working turntable and 8 track player. (no lie, just ask my annoyed husband, lol)
When I want to listen to different artists I either change out the cd or listen to youtube while blogging, lol.

Just signed up to Spotify and I already LOVE it.  Right now I have my classic 90s music mixed in with a bit of the early 2000's, mixed in with a few new hits currently out.  This is gonna be awesome!
I can skip from Wheatus, to Bowling for Soup to Adele all without having to go back and forth on youtube.  Now my Gin Blossoms can blend with my Cranberries without my CD getting stuck in the player (another true story, Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience is STILL stuck in our CD player and when we think the player is empty, it will play it, lol)

*They do play short commercials between some of the songs, but it is FREE and I get to pick the songs so it is like listening to the radio but I am the DJ :D  And I don't have to pay, bonus!

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