Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wow!!!! HEB HOT deal on HAM - YMMV!

My friend and coupon bud Jenn apparantly had karma on her side tonight. After scoring the HOT Ortega taco shells deal I posted here, she waddled(very pregnant :P) over to HEB and found this awesome display of ham for just .99/lb.
She was able to couple that awesome pricing with a $10 off ham coupon
and what do you know, she has a FREE ham now :D!
I hope to find this pricing in my store too and would love to hear if some of you guys find it too.

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Colie's Kitchen said...

I will check at MB in the morning and let you know if I find anything

Anonymous said...

Do you know which HEB this was at? Also when the sale ends and the coupon expires? THanks for all you wonderful ladies do to help us save $$$$$!!!!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Thanks Nicole, I will check out SL and report back :D

Anon, my coupon bud lives in College Station so it would have to be one of the stores there
HEB tags don't get dates so it might be a sale until they are gone? Coupon expires on the 6th

Anonymous said...

Where might I find the q?

Anonymous said...

My HEB in Spring had the hams on .. I think Saturda.. for 99cents a pound. I got 1. No coupons though. I on Monday I realized I should have picked up more, but by then they were all gone.

Anonymous said...

I've found 1/3 hebs I've gone to today with the .99 lb price, but no luck with the coupon.

Richard C said...

Went to the HEB in SL (Riverpark) no YQ and big yellow sign saying NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS :(
(they caught that quick!! Maybe I'll check the one on HWY 6 next!)

A said...

Ham is 99 cents a lb. But no sign of the $10 coupon when I ran in quick to SL HEB. I was at Kroger HW 6 and Settlers Way and there is a bunch of RTF 32oz Similac Advance expiration Aug 2012 for $3.79. Also Kroger brand powder formula for $8. This is at the front clearance tables.

Colie's Kitchen said...

I found them at the Mission Bend HEB and they had plenty, but I did not find the coupon for the $10

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