Friday, May 4, 2012

Kraft BBQ Sauce and Country Time deal - HEB

I ran into this pretty SWEET deal today at HEB.
HEB is selling Country Time lemonade for $2 and Kraft BBQ sauce for .99 each.

The yellow coupon states buy Country Time and get a free Kraft BBQ sauce.  The peelies on the BBQ sauce state, save $2 on Country Time when you purchase 2 Kraft BBQ sauces.

Buy 2 BBQ sauce and 1 Country Time = $3.98
-$2 peelie
-.99 YQ
=.99 for all 3 or .33 each :D

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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natalie said...

Great deal! I have had troubles stacking coupons with M HEB coupons. Is there a certain order that I should hand the coupons to avoid beepage?

Anonymous said...

You cannot stack YMQs with regular MQs, and your not doing it here either :) You are using the YMQ to get free Krat b-b-q sauce. You are using the peelie (MQ) to get $2 off the CT lemonaid, so 1 for lemonaide and 1 for the Kraft. No stacking, just happen to compilment one another. Hope that helps. As for beeps, well that happens even when you do everything right :( Hope this deal isn't a beeper.

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