Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HEB Unadvertised Deals and a Few HOT Clearance finds

I really need some kids vitamins but the best coupon I see out right now for the Flintstones is $1/1 :(.  The other items on the coupon are Citracel ($2 tearpads), One a Day ($1 inserts 5-6 SS), or Phillips Colon Health Items ($2 insert 5-6 SS, these were VERY pricey)
The B coupon is for $3 off wyb $10 worth.
Even with the $1 inserts that will still make the kids vitamins $3.48 each.  Ho hum deal to me

NOW this B coupon is HOT and I was super excited to see it back.
Save $1.50 off any Neosporin, Cortaid anti-inch cream and spray or Benadryl anti-itch.
Combine this bad boy with the $2 insert from 6/19 Red Plum and you have yourself a MONEY MAKER!!!!  Woo Hoo!

Mitchum deodorant coupon is back!  The cheapest Mitchum I saw was $3.40 so with the $1 insert from 5-6 SS or IP here they will be just $0.90

Palmer's Cocoa Butter or Skin Therapy Skin care item $2 off coupon!
Cheapest one is $3.65.  Pairing that nice $2 B coupon with the $1 coupon from a magazine* and pay just $0.65, YAY!
I have 1 coupon in my binder that obviously came from a magazine but I cannot remember which one
- probably Better Homes and Gardens Feb 2012(see that free subscription is paying off, lol)

This coupon really confused me!  $1.50 off Revlon Nail and Beauty Implements (excludes styling tools???)
My store did have a sign showing to use it on an expensive pair of tweezers so I am assuming that is not a "styling tool".  If you are lucky to have the $1 off Revlon nail product tearpads (I can't remember where I found these, sorry) then you can get paid to buy tweezers!  If not, .34 is still not a bad price :D

$1 Cutter coupon
Combine this with the $1 insert 5/20 Red Plum or the IP here and get the one pictured for just $0.97
Mosquito season is here so load up!!!!

There is a new Stouffers B coupon for $5 off 5 single serve items.  Cheapest I saw was $1.84

Buy two single Hershey bars get 3rd free!
My store has the Special Dark on Clearance for .39 right now
I have buy 2 get 1 free tearpads I found at HEB a few weeks ago
Combine those together and pay for 1 and get 2 free (1 free with manuf coupon, 1 free with YQ)
OR, if HEB carries the Air Delight, you can use the bogo in the 5/20 SS to make a sweet (no pun intended) deal.

If you have some free 12 pack coke coupons, you might want to consider using with this B coupon at HEB right now!

Did you print the bogo Ocean Spray Juice coupon hoping to score it free at CVS?  I did but my CVS does not carry the Cherry kind.  I am hoping to run this deal instead at HEB
Buy 2 Ocean Spray juices (one being the Cherry) $2.29 each
1 Ocean Spray 4 pk Sparkling $2.99
-$2.99  M YQ for free sparkling wyb 2 OS
-$2.29 bogo manuf coupon
=$2.29 for all 3 or .76 each for real cranberry juice :D

Friskies Party Mix cat treats are $1.50 and there are 2 B coupons to choose from to combine with the .75/2 insert from 4/29 SS
There is a buy 3 get 1 free which would make the scenario look like this:
4 @ 1.50 = $6
-$1.50 B YQ
-$1.50 - 2 .75/2 insert
=$3 for 4 or .75 each

OR, you can print a 50% off 2 B coupon here
That scenario would look like this
2 @ $1.50 = $3
-$1.50 for 50% off B coupon
-$0.75/2 insert
=.75 for 2 or .38 each

I forgot to get the price, but there is potential for a pretty good deal on Tidy Cat litter.  There is a $2 M YQ and you can print a 50% off  2 B coupon here.

There are a bunch more 50% off pet products coupons here (Thanks FortHoodSavers)

Not pictured because there were too many ladies shopping:
.50 B coupon for Wet N Wild products
If you got the $1 insert from 5/13 Red Plum you can make a profit on most that line of products :D

Not pictured (because personally I think they are not that great, lol)
All B coupons

$1/2 Zest body wash - priced at $3.07
Best manuf coupon is $1/1 from the Duracell battery packages from prior deals
so $1.57 for 18 oz

$0.75 off Irish Spring body wash - priced at $3
Best manuf coupon is .50/1 from inserts 5/20 SS
so $1.75 for 18 oz body wash

$0.75 off Soft Soap body wash - priced at $3
Best manuf coupon is .50/1 from inserts 5/20 SS
so $1.75 for 18 oz body wash

$1 off Caress Body wash 18 oz
Best manuf coupon is $1 from inserts 5/20 RP
so $1.65 for 18 oz body wash

$2 off Revlon eye
Cheapest item is the $3.74 single eye shadow.
I cannot find a manuf coupon that matches up with this to make these free

$3 off Revlon face and Lip
Cheapest item is the $5.47 lip stick
Not any manuf. coupons to make them really cheap but there is a $2 insert for face makeup in 4/29 SS if this is your brand.  Combining will help you save $5 on some foundation, blush or powder

$5 off 2 L'oreal EverSleek, EverCream, EverStyle, EverPure or EverStrong shampoo, conditioner, treatment or styler
I only see $1 inserts to match up with these and they are $5.97 each

3 for $5 Post Pebbles cereal
It seems this coupon always comes out when we don't have manuf for this cereal :(
They are regularly $2 a box but this coupon will save you about .33 a box if you buy 3

There are 2 different B Lean Cuisine coupons
Buy five get $3 off
Buy ten get $7 off
There is also an M coupon , buy 2 LC Market Creations Bag 10-10.5 oz get Skinny Cow Candy 6 ct free
There are a few IPs to go with these coupons
$1.10/3 Facebook coupon (no longer available but I posted on Monday so hopefully you printed it)
$2/4 insert 4/29 SS


I have been eyeing these Nissin Big Noodles for weeks hoping they would go on sale before the coupon for $1/3 expires (3/18 Smart Source insert)  NOW is the time to get these FREE (great for donating)

Clearance finds:

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  

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Anonymous said...

Did you mean to say 6/19 RP insert for the Neosporin/Benedryl/Cortaid? I'm confused.


Alicia said...

Awesome list! Thank you so much!!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, yes 6/19/11 is the correct insert. This coupon is nearly 1 year old!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! Not sure I've kept ones that are that old but I will definitely check, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

This is a little off subject, but do u know if we are getting any inserts this weekend. This being memorial day weekend, is it considered a holiday? Thanks for all u do...


Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

No inserts, take the weekend off to catch up on sorting :D

Anonymous said...

Cool, thank you much...we all need a break from cutting coupons every so often....thanks again for all your hard work u put into this blog.....


Anonymous said...

I saw a manufacture coupon of B2G1 free Coffeemate liquid creamer at HEB. I had 2 free Coffeemate creamer coupons, can I combine these coupons together to get all 3free?


Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

KC - in theory yes, but ymmv as to whether the cashier will allow but it is proper coupon usage :D

natalie said...

I went to the loreal website and under special offers, you can register and get a $2 off any everstyle, everpure, ever.... line. That should make the deal a lot better!

texasgal said...

Thank you so much for the awesome matchups! I love the lists of unadvertised HEB deals. Thank you for all you do. :)

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