Monday, May 7, 2012

Walgreens - Quick and Dirty for the week

Again, I ran into Walgreens just for the freebies tonight before I leave for the week.  Here is the quick and dirty

Complete eye care $7.99
-$1 insert 4/29 Smart Source
=$6.99 earn $8 RR for profit of $1.01

Lanacane anti-itch cream $5
=$5 earn $5 RR so FREE

T.N. Dickenson Witch Hazel $4
=$4 earn $4 RR so FREE

First Cleanse (found in vitamin aisle) $18
=$18 but send of for mail in rebate in May coupon book (will be small profit when I get reimbursed with Walgreens gift card!)

Dr Pepper $1.59
*I got the drink because all the items above were $0.01 shy of me using the $5/35 coupon I blogged about here.

So final tally:
Paid $30.92 ($1.59 real cash, rest was on Wags cards from prior rebates and 1 RR for 3.50)
Got back/will get back $17 in RR and $19.80 in rebates or $36.80
Overall profit of $5.88

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