Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HEB Unadvertised Deals, Yellow Coupons and Peelies

I did my usual weekly walk of HEB snapping pics of the coupons I noticed along the way. Hopefully you can find some(or all) these in your store. Have to say it is looking like a slow week to me but here goes with the pics:
Nivea Body Wash .50 B coupon.  Womens is $3.97, Mens is $3.85
There is a $1 insert for Womens from 5/6 RP which still makes it pricey to me so lets move on....

 This is an interesting Combo of a coupon.  I have a close up shot, but I kept this one because it reminded me of the prices of the Always Radiant.  The coupon:

Buy 1 Always Radiant
1 Secret AND
1 Cover Girl Item and save $4

Well, the cheapy cheapy Secret is $1.78, Cover Girl I know $2.24 for single eyeshadow and Always, $4.10

So $8.12
-$4 B coupon
-$1 Always 4/29 P&G
-$1 Secret 4/29 P&G
-$1 Cover Girl 4/29 or 5/13 P&G
=$1.12 for all 3, not too bad.

HMMMM!  This rebate form kind of makes the last scenerio INTERESTING!  Purchase $40 of P&G items in a SINGLE transaction, send off for $10 Visa Prepaid card

So 4 x my scenario above
$32.48 before coupons (keep in mind the $4 B coupon will make it look weird on the receipt, but in past promos I have no issues pointing it out that the precoupon price qualified me, but not for the faint of heart rebate redeemer)
$4.48 after coupons and you just need $7.52 more in P&G to qualify for the mail in rebate for $10 back!
I have not decided yet what I want to throw into the scenario to make it FREE! (keep in mind you can only use 4 likes per transactions so cannot do it 5 times) I like this offer more and more NOW! (thanks anon for the comment, I got distracted while typing this up and was thinking $30 needed not $40)

This coupon for $5 off any Pro Beauty Tool or Bed Head haircare tool goes great with these clearance prices on brushes or the Bed Head Accessories(my store had a flat iron for as low as $9.73!  My coupon bud found a sprial curling iron on clearance for $5, can you say FREE!!!!!! (she reads my facebook and gets updates on my LIVE posting of my coupon finds :D)

Not free, but if you don't have the other brands FREE by now (you must not be reading me :P)
these are great for stocking stuffers or little girly pedi parties.  And at these prices, much CHEAPER buying this then PLAY makeup for 3 year olds :P

If you are a Pepsi Drinker or Dr Pepper(nectar of the Gods!), there is a .50 B coupon for the 2 liters bringing them down to .83 each
Combine with the Pepsi $1/2 insert or the .55 hangtag for DP, get them cheap cheap cheap!!!!

I kind of like this YQ

Buy Community Coffee Red Bag, get HEB My Cup of Tea Pyramid Tea 15 ct free
I am hoping to combine this with either the bogo peelies or the $2 coupons I found at Kroger to get a cheap combo!  Coffee for my dh, the tea will be for me :D

How about this peelie for .35 off Butterball Turkey Bacon, Breakfast Sausage or Dinner Sausage
The 6 oz are currently on sale for $1 at HEB so just .65 with this coupon (wish my dh has not banned me from bringing Turkey bacon into the house, lol)

Noticed these coupons on the Method Dish Soap for $2 off laundry product. Might make a great deal for you Method users!

There were also .55 peelies on Hot Shot
$1 on Cutter
.55 on Resolve carpet
.50 Carefree (sorry I just don't want to post all those pics, lol)
.25 Gold Medal flour
And a few other products I am forgetting I am sure!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? For the P&G rebate, you have to purchase $40 worth before coupons, but if you do that one deal 4 times, your total is $32.48. Did you mean to say do the deal 5 times???

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that turkey bacon is on sale for $1 everywhere!? (all HEBs)

Alicia said...

Thank you so much for the deals! :) Love the Radiant deal :) And the nail polish :)

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing at the turkey bacon comment:)
my hubs told me he'd rather eat raw bacon that the healthy turkey kind.LOL

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