Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Randalls - Pretty good deal on Finish Quantum

I'm sorry I forgot to get this posted yesterday. I was still laughing so hard about the Glade "discount" that I didn't realize I didn't publish this deal.

Randalls right now has the Quantum sets on sale for $5 each. Right in front of them there was a $3 tearpad, making them just $2 each. Well, my friend let me know there is currently a catalina running for $3 back when you spend $10 or more on Finish products.
So the math looks like this
2 Quantum $10 - 2 $3 coupon = $4 get back $3
So for $1, you get 24 loads or .04 a load.
The sale price on the Quantum goes until 10/26 (according to the tag) and the catalina goes through 10/31.
If you can't find the tearpads, there are printables here and here.

The Del Monte smoothies are also $1 again so free with produce booklet coupons.  Go to this post for a picture.


Anonymous said...

Tried this tonight @ Randalls (in Houston), but no Cat :( Do you have the details & the #s from yours, so I can contact catalina and have them send me a replacement? Thanks a bunch!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, the promotion number is 209595731. You should have earned a $3 oynso for buy $10 worth of Finish.

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