Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kraft Instant Win game - Play now and print coupons for Kroger mega sale

Kraft has an instant win game going on right now.  You spin a noodle for a chance to win points which can then be redeemed for a coupon for different types of Kraft Mac and cheese.  For 500 points, you can get the old stand by blue box, for 1000 you can get a coupon for the mac cups and for 3000 points you can get a  coupon for the new Homestyle mac and cheese.  You can play until you win.  Hopefully, you have better luck than me, as I keep losing points, lol.

You will want to play this game before the ad breaks tomorrow as these products are on the Kroger mega deal.


Frances said...

Well, don't do like I did. I played the first time and got 4600 points. Thinking I could get one of each coupon, since I had enough points, I clicked on the 500 point coupon first.

You only get one. Sigh. I wasted a lot of points.

But thanks for letting us know about the game. I got a coupon I didn't have before.

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