Thursday, October 28, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen $2 printable

California Pizza Kitchen is offering a $2 printable coupon right now.  Just go here and enter an email address to share the videos (right hand upper part of screen)  When you do, a $2 coupon link will appear and you can print 2 coupons per computer.
Print them now and save for Monday or Tuesday to use at Randall's.  Randall's currently has a frozen food promotion with CPK included.  When you buy 3 or more(don't have to buy in groups of 3), they are only $3.99 each.
There are also rumors of a catalina promotion that begins on Monday
California Pizza Kitchen 11/1/10-11/28-10
Buy 2 and get $1.00 coupon off your next shopping trip
Buy 3 and get $2.00 coupon off your next shopping trip
Buy 4 and get $3.00 coupon off your next shopping trip

Sooooo, if you have access to 2 computers, print 4 coupons and your scenario would look like this

4 pizzas $3.99 each = 15.96 - 4 $2 IPs = $7.96 oop but earn $3 oynso = $4.96
so $1.24 a pizza!


qrazyguy said...

Thanks ZM, I heard about this deal and am definitely looking forward to some cheap pizza! I have a question for you, I see that you print a lot of IP's. I am always hesitant to print them because the ink in my printer goes so fast. Can you share any tips about what you do to get cheap ink cartridge replacements or refills?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy, I have a laser printer that takes toner not ink catridges. They are not cheap when I need them(~$65), but they last for 2,500 sheets or .026 a sheet to print. I usually just purchase at staples so I can use a $/$ coupon and I earn the Staples reward back for them, which is 10% so basically covers tax. I also was recycling the toner cartridge for the $3 credit(since changed to $2 so might be looking elsewhere on that front), so that probably reduced my cost to ~.024 a sheet (give or take)
This printer was given to us by an employer of my husband's and it is by far the one I have been happiest with. All others I had sucked ink like crazy and required ALL colors to be there to work. I can only print in b&w now, but I have not had a problem with that.
Sorry so long winded, but I really like my printer :)

qrazyguy said...

Thank you very much for the comment! That really helps a lot. One of my neighbors has an extra laser printer he said he would give me, so hopefully I can get that from him soon.

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