Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kroger Marketplace WOW!!!!!!!

My goodness, I just realized I have not shared this news with my readers yet!
Kroger is branching out and opening up new Kroger Marketplace stores in the Southwest region, with the first two going up so so close to my house!
The first store opened up in Richmond(8011 W. Grand Parkway at Mason Road, Richmond, Texas 77469) on Friday, October 9th. The second one is opening TODAY at 5 pm in Rosenberg! There is also a third one opening up in Frisco Tx on January 22nd.

I was given the opportunity to take a personal tour of the store in Richmond on November 7th and I have one word for you: "WOW"! The store was huge(125,000 sq ft to be exact). The aisles are large enough to easily glide through with the "fun carts" for the kids. The staff were helpful and attentive. Even when I entered the store(without them knowing who I was), I was handed an ad and asked if I needed a shopping cart.
Some of the highlights of the trip:
  • Large floral section right at the entrance (I love walking through the floral dept and just breathing in the scents)
  • Produce is next, and they carry Driscoll berries(remember that printable out a few weeks ago!)
  • HUGE selection of prepared meals ready to package and send home (meatballs, chicken, etc)
  • HUGE organic section -from their brochure(100 natural bulk foods like nuts, granola, seeds, snack mixes, etc. More than 100 wheat and gluten-free products and more than 400 natural and organic frozen vegetables, fruit and gourmet dinners.)
  • Large toy section. Not just the little 8 foot sections in most grocery stores, they have aisles and aisles
  • Wine steward-they have a wine steward to help you choose your wine!

Features they have that you won't find at your regular Kroger

  • Ashley furniture- yes, they have the furniture right there in the store! They have 2400 sq feet of furniture arranged in groupings just like you would find at a furniture store.
  • Little Clinic- Staffed with an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and Physician’s Assistant (PAs) to treat common illnesses, minor injuries, and to provide general wellness care. I grabbed some of their flyers and the prices were very good.
  • Fred Meyers Jewelers- yes, a jewelry store right inside the Kroger, talk about one stop shopping
  • Large selection of bath, body and home accessories
  • Kitchen Place - you can buy a toaster oven at this Kroger!

If you live close by, you should check one of these stores out. I also heard some GREAT news for those of you living near Rosenberg that are planning on scoring some of the cheap Kellogg's, Keebler, and Sunshine products. It seems the new store on Hwy 59 is going to be having the 50% off one day sale for 4 DAYS! You will have until Tuesday to get the deals!

Now, the list is not going to be released for our region until Saturday in the stores, but Courtneyrtr was sweet enough to post a list from another region on HCW. I cannot say if we are going to get the identical items on sale, but this is a GREAT starting point. Thanks Courtneyrtr for your post!


Shawn M. said...

I'm going straight there after work today :) I live very near by & have been eagerly awaiting the opening of this store.

southerninspiration said...

I also live nearby and have intended to go by and you've inspired me to check it out. Thanks.


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